Painful Effects of the Veneer Procedure

My dentist failed to explain to me the...

My dentist failed to explain to me the life-altering affect of getting veneers. Right before the procedure, he told me he needed to shave off the bottom of my 4 teeth so that the veneers cement-on stronger.

I didn't realize the painful after-effects. Difficulty chewing. Pain day and night. A temporary plastic film over them, difficulty talking. A huge change in eating habits: no chips, pretzels, bacon, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, eggrolls, ice cream, hot/cold drinks, etc. I can't enjoy food now!

I was told about the eating change on my way out the door. I had no idea my teeth would be so sensitive! My job requires public speaking and it's difficult to adjust to the shaved teeth length (affecting speech) and plastic film which makes my mouth feel dry. My veneers aren't even on yet, but I fear the same effects; having to be extra sensitive because of the high cost per tooth ($800 each), with no guarantee on the veneers' life-span! I thought veneers were permanent and it was not explained to me how sensitive they could be until on my way out from the shaving/molding procedure!

The informed consent was not explained...I told the doctor and the nurse I needed my glasses to fully read the procedure. The assured me it was for potential side effects. 7 root canals later and all the pain explained in others descriptions are real. I can't even drive without the vibrations from the car causing me outrageous pain. This was an elective procedure started after a routine visit to a new dentist who told me my teeth were very healthy. I asked about a whitening procedure...she only told me about veneers. I admit to being clueless about the procedure....NEVER AGAIN!
@kdawgg:  I'm sorry you had such a rough experience :(.  How long did the pain last, and were the root canals to fix the pain, or were they separate?  When I got a crown done, it was extremely sensitive for a week but then stopped completely.  It sounds like your experience with the veneers was different.
The pain continues and the root canals occurred after the dentist over drilled the teeth down. I spoke to another dentist tonight who saw my teeth prior and he told me I only needed a whitening procedure if I want one. My teeth weren't that yellow. He added that the poor economy may have pushed the dentist to suggest the most aggressive choice. I have lost 12 lbs because it is very difficult to eat!
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Not enough explanation about the life-long effects, nor temporary effects BEFORE the procedure.

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