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High Frequency Pixel Treatment

Very uncertain at this point if it was the right...

Very uncertain at this point if it was the right thing to do only because of timing. Procedure done 6/20/09 and he told me he used the highest frequency(?) and stacked several parts of my face. It was uncomfortable but definitely tolerable during.

First 24 hours were a nightmare. Woke up at 5:00 next morning in severe pain...eyes practically swollen shut and face blazing red, burning and swollen. Took pain meds which did help.

I'm on day 3 and although there is no pain, my skin is ultra tight and I look like a severe burn victim. Still extremely swollen and crazy reddish brown. I'm going on a fabulous vacation in 9 days and am terrified I will not be back to normal. Is 9 days enough to heal after such a severe treatment? Is there anything I can do to help the healing process along? I started using Aquaphor with a couple of drops of vitamin E oil mixed in as of this morning.


I hope it worked out well for you. Prospective patients reading this forum should know that Pixel works wonderfully at 50% of max power. Physicians are jaded and do not empathize with your situation, and they like to crank it up. But then when you are "out of sight, out of mind", your face swells up an hour later at home. You gotta be savvy and demand test patches the day before treatment or say, "do not turn that thing above 1100mJ!" it works great double stacked at 1000mJ.
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Use Aquafor at nite time, it helped my healing and peeling ALOT. And when you go on your trip it is extremely important to use a high SPF on your face, you definately dont want to be in the sun without it. Good luck 9 days is plenty time to heal, mine always took 4 days at the most and ive had 5 treatments done.
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