3 Days into Laser Pixel Resurfacing (Alma Pixel Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing)

I had pixel last Saturday @ 2pm. About 8 hours...

I had pixel last Saturday @ 2pm. About 8 hours later, after the numbing cream wore off, I was in SEVERE pain, and my skin looks like a roasted peanut. Felt like 1000 fire ants all over my face. I was so swollen, it looks like I've had a nose job, weird. (My skin was pretty good before the treatment, I've had 3 photofacials in the last 3 months, and been using Obagi Nu Derm for about 8 weeks. I did this because I'm determined to do away with makeup forever, but my pore size is stopping me.) It hurt so bad, my husband bought me a bottle of Jack Daniels to shut me up, but it didn't help. I hardly slept that night. (It's hard for me to sleep on my back anyway.)

In the morning, I took 800mg of ibuprophen and I called their office, and they told me to use ice water and a fan, but that's all, not to put ANYTHING on it. I think I look worse than the day before at this point, and still swollen. So . . . I went to my primary physician and got a small perscription of vicodin. (10 pills) I'm at 24 hours in at this point. I take one as soon as I get it. They didn't help. I progressed to another 2 ibuprophen and 2 beers, didn't help. Fooled around with my husband, felt better for 2 minutes, but then the pain was back. Holy crap. Took another vicodin before I was supposed to, and went to sleep. Relief at last! I'm rambling, but I was not expecting this.

On day three, I can barely open my mouth to eat. My skin is so tight, it breaks when I open my mouth too wide, or laugh. The burning is gone but the tightness is driving me nuts. My post pixel instructions are to wash my face with cetaphil, and do not put anything on it. ???

I called Bill again to complain that I could not talk or eat, and he told me I could put aquaphor around my mouth and eyes to loosen it up, but that it would take longer to heal that way. So now I'm torn. I put it on to eat, and wash it off afterward. It's so tight that I'm worried it will cause scars from splitting. I have red lines down my face where it has cracked. I hope they'll go away.

How long should I wait to have microdermabrasion after this?

After laser pixel, will letting your skin dry out and crack cause scars? Also, will picking off the dead translucent skin cause scarring?

I'm on day 3. Let me tell you my face was on fire for a couple hours after the procedure and I was VERY uncomfortable during the procedure. I bought a package of 2 and right after finishing the first one I was certain I wouldn't be able to get the 2nd one. I've decided I'm going to make sure they get the numbing cream all the way past the edges, I will not be wearing earrings (they said I didn't need to take them off and I know it was like arching at the sides if my neck up to my ears and I was having spasms at the sides of my neck. I do not know why they didn't apply frozen cloth or SOMETHING for even 10 or 15 minutes right after. I'm thinking about getting something to take with me for next time. I kept aquaphor on for the first 2 days (yucky) and after day 2 could gently wash with cetifil and use cetifil lotion. Much, much better. I would rather put cetifil in 15 times a day than 1 time with aquaphor. I am really hoping the acne scarring will be reduced. Wrinkle reduction and sunspot fading will be a bonus for me. I'll also be taking ibuprofen just before the next session.

you are not supposed to drink alcohol after C02 laser.
I am day 4 after fractional CO2. They had to turn the intensity down twice or I would have walked out. I did have 1 mg Xanex, a vicodin and anesthetizing creme, but it still felt like a 1000 bee stings. On day 2 i flew back to my home town and took more vicodin and wine. That combo worked well, but alcohol is not good for healing, so I am taking vicodin q 6 hours. My ski is a deep purple-red color. I have used ointments q 3 hours around the clock, but my skin keeps getting redder, tight and inflamed. I am naturally very pale and freckled.
I am doing this because of extensive actinic keratosis on my chest, to eliminate residual disease. I will not go through it again, it was too painful and is still painful. I had this procedure on my neck and chest, but would NEVER risk my face, there are too many reports of poor results.
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