Wanted to Remove Age Spots/brown Spots. Got Burned Instead - Michigan

I had a fotofacial 5 weeks ago. This was my 5th...

I had a fotofacial 5 weeks ago. This was my 5th session (which alternated with microdermbrasion). The purpose of the foto facial was to remove age spots/brown spots on my cheeks/nose.

The procedure resulted in a burn spot on my cheek. It is size of a tip of pencil eraser. First, it was red/stingy. Blister formed after (sort a bubble with liquid in it). Then a scab formed. Once scab came off, scar darkened to intense brownish/red (see picture).

American Laser Center

Believe that they needed to have taken greater precaution to avoid this.

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Exactly ! One of my friend also had the photofacial a year back and facing the same problem. I feel photofacial should not be done and always be avoided.
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I had had Photofacials before, with okay results, but recently, I had the same problem as you did. Now I have several scars, like yours, and they look really dark red and shiny. In my case, they look like a stripe on one side of the face and, on the other, they look closer to what you have: round, dark scars. It's been three months now and they haven't disappeared or faded. I'm SO disappointed and angry with this. The clinic keeps telling me it's going to fade away with time, but I doubt. Good luck. I don't recommend this treatment anymore.
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I agree!

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Sue them!
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by the way, I paid $980 for 5 sessions
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I signed up for a 5 sessions Fotofacial too, CA. My main problem was uneven skin tone, some age spots and acne scars. The first 3 treatments I didn't see much diff except for some flaking here and there. But for the 4th & 5th treatment, the doctor increased the setting and I did see result, especially after the 5th. My skin tone is more even and most of the dark spots are gone. In between my treatments, I had one breakout (I believe due to work stress) and the doctor was very good where he prescribed me free medications (oral & creams) for my acne. For the first time now I actually love my skin. I noticed after doing IPL, my skin is less oily.
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