I had two photofacial done, 2 1/2 weeks a part. I...

I had two photofacial done, 2 1/2 weeks a part. I was told that the photofacial would help me get rid of active acne, acne scars, and sun spots. So I signed up for 5 treatments. after two treatments I don't see any change but I am breaking out more.

Is this normal during treatment. I have three more sessions left. Should I continue with the treatment. I don't want my skin to get worse though.

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I was very concerned when i read your post. I am doubting the professionalism and sincerity of your doc. The photo facial is NOT meant as an acne treatment at all. Its main goal is to remove sun spots, redness, broken capilaries and even-out the skin tone. It does absolutely nothing to fight acne. Please do yourself a favor and find a good doctor.
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Hi, I signed up 5 sessions for almost the same problem as yours. Didn't see much diff in first 3 sessions but in the 4th & 5th session, the doc increased the setting and I actually see the diff. Pls see my reply to another poster, Ysabel. I too had acne breakout in between my sessions but was treated for free by the doctor. I am signing up for another 5 sessions which the doc told me to spread it out to between 2 - 3 mths once, just for maintenance purpose.
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