Permanent Eyeliner Too Dark in the Corner of my Eye

I recently had permanent eyeliner done. The...

I recently had permanent eyeliner done. The technician had difficulty with the top inner corner of my left eye where the dark ink was too high. At my 2nd appt she tried to camoflauge it with a lightening colour. Now I am left with a yellow sliver near the tear duct. It is driving me nuts.

I had a consultation with a specialist today (not same place I went initially) and laser is out of the question because it will go black due to the "yellow" pigment.

The specialist wants to do a colour extraction on my eye. I will have a scab for at least a week and it is not guaranteed. I want the procedure because I don't want to have light yellow forever (sigh).

Do you know of any other recommendations or is this truly "it" for me as a remedy? Please help.


I had permanent eyeliner done 5 days ago. I did what I was supposed to , kept it moist with A&D ointment and NO make-up. Usual swelling but bearable. 3rd day it looked pretty good, 4th day I woke up and all the upper lid is GONE! Some stayed on on the lower lid. I did everything I was supposed to. Going back for a touch up in 2 weeks. Any comments? I called the person who did and she was surprised, but had no explanation. I arleady paid her and what if it happens again?
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I have been doing permanent makeup for eight years. A woman came to me who had had her lower eyeliner misplaced below her natural eyelashes. She went to another "professional" who used a white pigment containing titanium dioxide to try to correct the problem. Now she not only had a misplaced black line, but a white line as well. It was horrible. When she came to me I treated her in two sessions. First I went in with a saline solution and no pigment in order to lift the wrong pigment and remove it. After that had healed,I went in with the proper shade and placement on her lower lid. It healed perfectly. She was so relieved and showed her great gratitude with words and a nice big tip! I was so glad to be able to help her and at the same time infuriated with the incompetence of other "professionals".
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Carol, what state are you located? I need help with my eyeliner. I have what I call wings on top liner. Can these be fixed?
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