Bad Eyebrow Tattooing

This is about bad eyebrow tattooing. It's also...

This is about bad eyebrow tattooing. It's also about a bad blepharoplasty that had to be revised (the pen lines in the were sketched in by a different surgeon as a suggestion for the revision), but right now let's stick to the tattooing.

This tattooist was 'medically certified' and actually worked alongside the surgeon who performed the (bad) blepharoplasty. But as you can see, the results were terrible.

Why did I agree to let the tattooist tattoo the eyebrows in permanenty, given that they look hideous? Because I trusted the referring cosmetic surgeon and trusted the 'medically certified' tattooist ['medically certified' doesn't mean anything regarding their skill cosmetically speaking], because I was just plain tired by the time I had to make the decision and would have said yes to anything, because I was fooled by the 2-dimensional mirror which does not show you your eyes from different angles like a photo does, because I didn't bring along a cautious friend along to express their doubt (although friends can easily be fooled too), because I asked the tattooist for her professional opinion and she told me, "In my professional opinion the eyebrows (ie., the temporary sketches before the final tattoo) look soft and feminine and lovely on you." I always was a sucker.

These hideous eyebrows had to be lasered off. At least the referring surgeon agreed to laser them off for 'free'--just the price of an office visit, $40, times 6 visits. Yes, the laser removal left some scarring, but it was still better than these hideous eyebrows. Even after what happened to me, this cosmetic surgeon continued to allow the tattooist to work out of her office.

NEVER TRUST a cosmetic tattooist who uses a LASER GUN and PRE-SHAPED STENCILS--these tattoo tools guarantee you'll have 'hooks' and 'worms.' I feel sorry for all the women walking around with hooks and worms like this who don't even realize how bad they look.

You be the judge--are these eyebrows 'soft and feminine and lovely?' They don't even fit my face!

The second pic is a photo of my eyebrows after they were lasered off and redone, along with my eyeliner, by a skilled tattooist in Austin TX who does not use a laser gun or pre-shaped stencils. She's good; she's done some actresses. This is also me after having 'eye trough inserts' put in under my eyes. I like them a lot. The photo of me with the bad eyebrow tattoos was taken pre-eye-trough insertion; the skin under my eyes was bluish--I always had to gunk concealer on the area.

By the way, the TOP photo is me with the bad...

By the way, the TOP photo is me with the bad eyebrow tattoos. The BOTTOM photo is me 2 years after the bad tattoos were REMOVED with laser. However, the laser didn't remove the bad tattooing completely, and I had to use concealer to hide the leftover ink and some scarring caused by the laser.

The 'physician-approved' tattooist charged me $500.00.
Don't trust a permanent makeup artist just because a plastic or cosmetic surgeon referred you to her.

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Mine are a disaster as well. No stencil was used and the color is red with an orange cast. Makeup covers it and I even use makeup at night so I don't have to see it in the morning. Look more like surgical scars. Does this happen to some people or was the procedure done wrong? I sent a picture to the lady who did it, but she hasn't responded.
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you're right, the brows look better in the second, "brows removed" photo. the first pic, the brows are not the correct shape. if she used stencils, she didn't use the correct one, or she didn't follow it because the head of the brow is too high and does not go with your face. permanent makeup is an art, not everyone is artistic! personally, i work closely with cleints, giving them a design that they have pre-approved first! about face by nancy
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Hi truecolors,

I had my eyebrows done two months ago and HATE them. I have been obsessed with eyebrows ever since. Mine is horrible looking, like a big black permanent marker across my brows. I decided to remove them as well. I had my first session done last week and now feel that they look even worse. I feel that I made the biggest and dumbest decision to have my brows done.

anyways, i was told that it would take me 2 -3 sessions to have mine removed ... did it really take you 6 sessions?
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OMG I went through some bad stuff in the UK, but lucky mine were thin and the lady could work with them.

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Hi truecolors, I see you had the permanent eyebrows done in 2009 so I hope that by now you were able to have them corrected to your satisfaction.

I just wanted to tell you that I was stunned to read how similar to my situation was your eyebrow experience! Especially the part where you were just plain tired and wanted to have them done!

I live in NYC, had them made a few months ago, and my eyebrows were also made with that stencil kit you talked about and...they are too short, too thick and one thicker and higher than the other, and, the color doesn't even come close to my own hair!

I thought often of having them undone but I couldn't afford the price of a laser and yes, I learned that they wouldn't be totally gone even with the laser, so I had to learn how to live with this thing...

I've been wanting for the longest time to have my lips micro-pigmented too but I'm terribly afraid of another fiasco, especially since I have wrinkles around the lips so it would necessitate MORE than just a good operator...

Again, I hope by now you've been able to have your eyebrows corrected to your complete liking! :)

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:( om sorry about your case. is that an accident or your doctor doesn't really know how to put eye brow tattoos?
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Hi Yan Yan,

Thanks for your question. To answer: 1. It was not an accident. The tattooist used a cheap 3-stencil kit on all her patients. If the doctor didn't realize this, she should have given that she was referring patients to this tattooist. 2. The doctor either didn't have enough 'face-sense' to recognize a bad job when she saw one, or she didn't care. However, ANY plastic or cosmetic surgeon who works on cosmetic improvement of the shape should have SOME knowledge of the art of shaping a good brow. Gees, you need only to go into Macy's or Lord and Taylors and any of the makeup sellers can skillfully shape a brow for you.

What happened in my case is that the cosmetic surgeon, whom I'll call Dr. M., who referred me to this tatooist (whom I'll call 'V.') had a financial arrangement with V, which means that the tattooist worked out of Dr. M's office made a % profit off any work the tattooist did. So it was basically just a financial agreement between the 2 of them, something I hadn't understood at the time. It had nothing to do with the tattooist's skill. Another thing that misled me was that V. was listed in the yellow pages as being 'medically certified,' which gives the false impression that she is 'skilled' at her work when, in truth, all it means is that V was trained in proper sterilization procedures to reduce the risk of infection. HOWEVER, my eyebrows looked so obviously horrid after I had them done that, as the #1 rated plastic surgeon in NJ told me when I sought him out for a consultation on my bad eye work, "You don't need to be a plastic surgeon to tell how bad the eyebrows look--anybody could tell you that."case.

SO REGARDING YOUR QUESTION, YAN YAN, WHICH WAS: "Is that an accident or your doctor doesn't really know how to put eye brow tattoos?" IT wasn't an accident on V's part because I specifically asked her her professional opinion on the temporary eyebrow shapes she drew in first, and V said "In my professional opinion they look very soft and feminine and lovely,' which HAD to be a LIE coming from someone who should know SUMP'N about attractive brow shapes for each individual face.

Regarding the surgeon? Who CONTINUED to refer patients to V. even after she saw the HIDEOUS results of MY eyebrows? If she couldn't see with her own eyes how bad my brows look, then she certainly doesn't didn't know much about the importance of eyebrows for an attractive-looking face (which makes you wonder, WHO on earth would WANT a surgeon who didn't understand the importance of attractive, well-shaped brows for an attractive face?"

And my eyebrow thing was NOT a one-time accident, because I learned later that V. used $10 tattooist kits which contains ONLY 3 eyebrow stencil shapes per kit, the same 3 for ALL clients to choose from! That' the sloppiest, cheapest way to go, the stuff of low-end tattoo parlors! GOOD permanent makeup artists ALWAYS SHAPE the brows to the individual's face and NEVER use pre-cut stencils (ie, 'one size fits all') because no two people have identically-shaped brows!

I'm a medical professional myself, though not a face surgeon. But like most medical professionals, I value my integrity and I always put my patients' best interests comes first and foremost. I would NEVER BETRAY my patients by putting $money before quality care like Dr. M. Did! I couldn't live with my conscience if my patients received low-quality, cheap-looking tattoos because they had trusted ME to refer them for quality work.

ONE OTHER THING--NEVER was I forwarned that over time that my tattooed brows would change color, given the cheap dye that was used. So my brows are now ORANGE-colored in spots. I also saw a photo of a woman's whose brows are now a hideous DARK BLUE GREEN.
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why not reveal who the doctor and tatoo artist are? revealing their identity makes it less likely they can do this to others. thank you
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Hi Dawn,
Yes, it's true in my case, too, that the tattooist did penciil the brows on first so I could decide if I was happy with how they looked. However, the problem in my case is that I trusted her as a professional, plus the physician who referred me to her, to know what shape would look best for my face. I asked the tattooist her opinion of the penciled-on brows AS A PROFESSIONAL, and she said, "In my professional opinion they look very soft and feminine and lovely." I figured that she would be a better judge of what was cosmetically desirable for me than I would.

The second problem which I hadn't realized in advanced is that we are severely limited
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True Colors,
I'm so sorry you went through such an ordeal. Every bodies face is different and should be applied by drawing them on with an eyebrow pencil and you, the patient, are a part of the decision making. If you aren't happy with they way they look, you still have the chance to wipe them off and start over until you are happy, then the procedure should start.
Dawn Marie
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