Fine Lines - Pearl Fractional is Taking Forever to Heal on my Face

I am still red and blotchy. My skin areas that...

I am still red and blotchy. My skin areas that were lasered with the Pearl fractional are still rough like sand paper and very red. It will be 2 weeks on Monday the 22 of June when the procedure was done.

My skin was already good but I wanted to get rid of the fine lines. I am afraid that my skin will never get better. My skin is slightly olive on my face and even darker on my body. I am not happy about the way my face looks.

I have seen no positive results as yet and I'm not sure I would do this again.

No it is definitely more invasive especially for olive skin. If you had really light skin I would suggest it. For your acne you might want to try laser genesis or ipl. Pearl fractional will leave hyper pigmentation on olive skin that will never go away!

i thought pearl fractional was the one that is less invasive? i am asian and have some acne scarring that i want to lessen. so you are saying the pearl laser and NOT the fractional is the less invasive of the two?

it's been almost 5 weeks for me and i don't look anywhere near normal. i have to wear a ton of makeup (which i hate) to cover the redness
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Yes, because she was very knowledgeable and knew what she was doing. I just need to know the entire healing process. Not just the downtime...

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