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Full TT, Age 23 - Keloided New Belly Button and Painful Scarring?

I got a Full TT in late May and am starting to get...

I got a Full TT in late May and am starting to get really worried and depressed. Have been feeling upset since after surgery. Results are extremely not what was discussed and performed during operation.

My major concerns are my scarring. My belly button scar was placed outside my naval and is now severely keloided?...Not sure what to do. My surgeon has only followed up with me once since the surgery and I expressed my concern for the after result. He issued me laser treatments by his asst. monthly for my scarring which may be making it worse. Have not been called or seen him since that one appt.

I am caucasian and 23 years old. The scar around my belly is very thick keloided, painful and pinkish/purple 6 months post op. Does not look pleasing at all. I am wondering what I should do about this?

My scar is also stretched almost hypertrophic from hip to hip and is very painful too especially on sides. Scar also comes out of underwear line. What should I do? and should I start seeing another PS?

I am not happy at all plus my skin overlaps...My skin was not like that before on the sides now have uneven skin and also access flaps on sides...No muscle tightening was performed.

I hope you can get help for your problem. Can you please share the name of your surgeon so we can avoid going to him?
Thank you so much I very much appreciate it. I am not going to let my surgeon revise because I am scared. He already messed up something that many other surgeons said was simple and his few mistakes cost me permanent/prominent scars & disfiguring. If I was anybody but me it might have been different. I can honestly say it figures.... I had a great view on plastic surgery but not anymore. I just hope everything turns out alright.
The scars seems to be your major concern. There are few other issues with the Tummy Tuck also. As for the scar aound the Belly Button It is stil hypertrophic after 6 months.There is quite abit of fat aroun the Belly Button and that is puttin the scar under tension. I would recommend removal(LIPOSUCTION) of some of that fat to decrease the tension, then REVISE the scar and inject with Steroid and 5FU to prevent hypertrophic scar. I also use SILICONE GELL SHEETING on the scar. The belly button was cut very small I think that is why you see the scar more than the belly button. As for the lower abdomnial scar it went beyond the Bikini. It also ends at the HIP BULGES, which makes the bulges more prominent. The length of the scar cannot be changed. It is painful, ?neuroma I would revise it and inject it at the same time. I may do some liposuction. I hope this is helpful. I am surprised that your surgeon saw you only once after surgery. I see my patients weekly for atleast one month then at 2 months,6monthsand one year and any time my patient has some concern.

Current Update Jan 2009. I have seen my PS...

Current Update Jan 2009.


I have seen my PS twice since my review. He has started the injections for the keloids. Seems to have gone down significantly. Not sure if this is a temporary fix or if the results are permanent. I also stopped the lasers until he treated the keloids because they were effecting them and making worse. I have had 2 sets of injections. He gave me the okay to proceed with laser again. He says the only way to get the deep red/purple colors out is to keep doing them monthly. He says he will revise if I am that unhappy with the scar coming straight up and out of underwear placement. He has advised and stated the revision will pull my pubis region up and my lips will be raised and will be like that for a long time. Seems like a worse problem... Fixing the scar and having my crotch ride up? or leave it alone. He also said if I choose to have another child he will revise the scar for free and pull it down low. I was not planning on having another kid for a long time if even at all. Seems like he is willing to work with me. I am not happy with the results. I traded a small amount of hanging skin for a long scar hip to hip. If I could go back I would say take the tummy tuck back and give me the lipo. I was not informed properly of quite a few things. His staff the nice ladies who work with me do for the most part agree with me. I was told there is good tucks and bad tucks... Mine falls in the middle. It's not good but it's not horrible. She says she will get it all flat and the discoloration out. I have upcoming appts for a second opinion and to put myself at ease. I am giving it 6+ months before I consider actual revision of any sort and to see how much my body will heal itself. I am trying to get everything healed up so I can possibly just get a reasonable tattoo or body mod to cover it up/distract attention of scar.

My new belly button scar from full TT has keloided? Seems to be getting worse darker in color and painful...My full TT scar was placed higher than marked and is stretched and is dark purple and painful almost six months post op..What should I do, am 23 and feeling extremely depressed and wondering why everything looks so bad???
This is a year old post so I would like to see some more comments from doctors or anyone else who experienced similar issues. I have AFTER the revision. I would not reccommend a revision unless you are 100% trusting in your doctor and you get ALL the pros & cons discussed. Sure mine was free and she did follow up appointments but I wish I would have gotten more info on the risks. Now I am looking on how to get this problem fixed once again.
You are welcomed 'blackrainbo' Hope you will find a plastic surgeon to do the revision for you and be happy again and proud of your body image
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Not happy with surgery.

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