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Overcrowded Front Teeth - Invisalign, Great So Far!!!

I've just started my invisalign treatment and...

I've just started my invisalign treatment and get my next set on wed. My front teeth are overcrowded, actly makes my smile look slanted ha I'm sure it does.

Anyway I've been so so so excited to start this treatment! At first when I had them fitted it hurt so much the pressure just uncomfortable after about 15 mind it went until you come to take them out, what an impossible task! 20 minutes!!! I tipped my mouth, but I was so determined because I hadn't eaten for a full day ha. The pain after taking them off at first hurts loads but I expect it should as it proves it's doing it's job. Now I'm ready for my second set of aligners it doesn't hurt after taking them out which in someways is disappointing because I like to feel it's doing something instead off feeling like it's just sitting on my teeth. They haven't stained and can't see them staining though I haven't eaten or drank apart from water with them in.

I think so far it is definately work it. No one even notices I have braces on!!!! My brother and sister are even considering them there so clear !! I can't wait for my straight teeth and I get free whitening as well :) x

Updated on Nov 30, 2009
i think invisalign so far has been good, they really are invisable!! and no pain has been caused yet. I would recomend it so far.

Hi, I have had invisalign and i am now on my 3rd aligners however i have noticed that my teeth are starting to look really thin, its hard to explain, almost seethrough around the edges. I dont think i have noticed this before i had these but they are starting to worry me now. Is it because i am brushing my teeth after every meal? the enamle - is that what its called, am i loosing it? I brush my teeth straight after every meal to ensure i dont keep my teeth out of my braces for too long, should i be waiting half an hour before brushing? does this mean my teeth will be weaker now when i'm older? xxxxxxxxx

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Hello, Just to add an update since completing...


Just to add an update since completing my treatment, i am in love with my teeth!! everyone comments on them. they are so straight!!! totally worth it... i recommend invisalign to everyone...!!!

If you are considering it, definately get it. its worth the pain. my teeth was a mess and now they are so lovely and straight.


Hi, Thanks for the review and your teeth looks good! In your post you mentioned that you once noticed that your teeth became thiner, i'm having the same concern here since I also brush and floss a lot, I'm afraid the enamel gets weak...How did it go for your teeth afterwards? Do you have any problem with the enamel or do you get cavities after invisalign? Any tips on keeping teeth healthy?
Thanks in advance!!
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To the best of my knowledge as long as you are brushing gently and using a soft bristled brush, extra brushing & flossing (as long as its not excessive of course) shouldn't harm the teeth. However, since you are concerned about your enamel this would be a great question for you to post in the Q&A section. That way you could see a few opinions from dentists.

This is a great review!

Thank you for keeping us updated as you went through treatment, and for posting pictures too! This is really helpful information you have shared.

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Mr Flint

My dentist is lovely I can email him or call him if I have a problem and he response fast! He's been great

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