Healing Scars with Bletharoplasty

Would take upper surgery back if I could but I...

would take upper surgery back if I could but I can't so I wont lament on that. My lower eyes look okay with no puffiness, some scar tissue did develop so one of my eyes appears smaller than the other, I have been instructed to massage the lower eyeball 10seconds 10/ day

I am 3.5 weeks out from upper/ lower blatharoplasty. My scars are red, puffy, painful and extremely noticeable. I look at photos posted online wherein pts are 4 weeks post-op and they look good, no obvious signs of incisions. I have followed all MD's orders and am not a keloid scarrer. I have been started on Cimeosil per MD's recommendation. My question is, how long am I going to look this rotten? I understand full healing can take up to 1 year but I still look like I just got out of surgery. Is this normal recovery and how long will it take to look "unnoticeably" altered?
What doctor did you use? Are you happy now with the results?
Question:Healing Scars with Blepharoplasty? Answer: With time, blepharoplasty incisions usually heal as fine scar lines. Usually, they are relatively inconspicuous but, at times, they may be more noticeable. At first, they may be slightly raised and pink. In some patients, certain portions of the scar lines may be noticeably and palpably raised for an extended period of time. If these scars (called hypertrophic scars) are present after one to two months post-op, I will often inject them with a dilute corticosteroid solution. This will usually reduce the swelling and the conspicuous nature of the scar lines.
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