Skin Looked WORSE After Meso! Fat Pockets Unchanged After Several Treatments.

I received Mesotherapy on the back of my thighs,...

I received Mesotherapy on the back of my thighs, buttocks and inner thighs. It was uncomfortable but bearable. I had visible bruising which was to be expected.

I exercised regularly with a trainer and lost inches but still wanted to rid my lower body of those stubborn areas that just wont go away with training and exercise which is why I chose Mesotherapy.

After several sessions (paid in advance) I began to notice dark hyperpigmentation and scarring where I had been injected. I did not notice much difference in the appearance of fat and was beginning to become more concerned about the discoloration from the procedure. I finished approx 80% of the treatments and did not see much difference in the fat pockets but was left with red/brown hyperpigmentation areas so I decided to discontinue the treatments. Over 1 year later I still have some of the hyperpigmentation issues.

I would not advise anyone to have this procedure... it simply does not work.

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I HAD THE SAME THING HAPPEN!!! I got meso on the back of my legs and buttocks and it looks horrible I can still see the needle marks and now I look like I have cellulite. The needles created like a dimpling effect. I wish I would of never done it :(
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I have the same problem with hyperpigmentation and scarring where injected. Have you found anything to correct this problem? I had mesotherapy done 2yrs and 2mnths ago and still discoloring remains and hard fat deposits. The mesotherapy I had was in the same area as you described, back of thighs and buttocks.
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I have the same issue 2 1/2 years later. Any help n getting rid of the discoloration would be appreciated! I've tried lasers and bleaching creams but nothing works.
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I have had one treatment and can already see a difference in my abdomen. Maybe it isn't for everyone, but I see results. I did however swell up a lot! Way more than the "slight" swelling that is described. I am a size 6 and had to wear pants that were a size 12 for three days, I looked pregnant! Now that the swelling is gone I am more defined in my abs than before.
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Mesotherapy does work, in fact I know a few people who had excellent result, including myself. Your experience goes alone with the saying,"everything isnt for everybody". You have to find what works for your body but overall I think the mojority of people who get the procedure will have good results.
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