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I started using Opalescence 20% with some custom...

I started using Opalescence 20% with some custom made trays from the dentist. I don't wear them overnight. I have worn them 4 times (4 days) about 3 hrs a day. I was told to actually wear my bottom tray everyday because I have a tooth that needs to line back up with its neighbors.

So, I have this PAINFUL place on my gums on the bottom and I don't know if it's a chemicals burn, or irritation from the tray. It's not red. It's white - just under my tooth and a little below my gumline.

There also looks like tiny little white dots in it. It's freaking me out. I'm scared to eat - it hurts like HELL to brush but I know I need to. It doesn't bleed easy though.

Here is a pic - sorry the quality isnt the best though.

Oh - and I have started swishing warm salt water (started this last night)

Chemicals burn, or irritation from the tray?

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can you get opalesense at home whitening kit delivered?
I have used Opalescence for many years and it has worked really well for me. I get them at amazon.com because its so much cheaper than from my Dentist. I actually have used the 35% at times. The key is to NOT overfill the trays because that gel will sit on your gums and cause these problems. When I do this, I leave the 20% in for an hour and the 35% on for 30 minutes. If the gel touches your guns, especially with the 35%, it is NOT pleasant. Otherwise thisis a very good product, one if the best I've ever used. Just be careful to not overfill the trays, even just a little. If you do, take a wet tissue and immediately wipe the gel in your guns off. I hope this helps!
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