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Opalescence Teeth Whitening

I started using Opalescence 20% with some custom...

I started using Opalescence 20% with some custom made trays from the dentist. I don't wear them overnight. I have worn them 4 times (4 days) about 3 hrs a day. I was told to actually wear my bottom tray everyday because I have a tooth that needs to line back up with its neighbors.

So, I have this PAINFUL place on my gums on the bottom and I don't know if it's a chemicals burn, or irritation from the tray. It's not red. It's white - just under my tooth and a little below my gumline.

There also looks like tiny little white dots in it. It's freaking me out. I'm scared to eat - it hurts like HELL to brush but I know I need to. It doesn't bleed easy though.

Here is a pic - sorry the quality isnt the best though.

Oh - and I have started swishing warm salt water (started this last night)

Chemicals burn, or irritation from the tray?

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I have used Opalescence for many years and it has worked really well for me. I get them at amazon.com because its so much cheaper than from my Dentist. I actually have used the 35% at times. The key is to NOT overfill the trays because that gel will sit on your gums and cause these problems. When I do this, I leave the 20% in for an hour and the 35% on for 30 minutes. If the gel touches your guns, especially with the 35%, it is NOT pleasant. Otherwise thisis a very good product, one if the best I've ever used. Just be careful to not overfill the trays, even just a little. If you do, take a wet tissue and immediately wipe the gel in your guns off. I hope this helps!
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chemical burn. I use the 35% and always, always wait until 3 hours after I last brushed my teeth and dry your gums with a cotton ball and apply copious vaseline on your gums before you put your trays in. I used to have black burn marks from the bleach but now have done it 3x day for 1 week with the vaseline and my daughters no longer make fun of my "yellow corn" teeth. It does take 24 hours to see real results so brush immediately after having morning coffee and other stainers. White food for a week won't kill you :)

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Ugh, I experienced this burning with Zoom too. Have you tried Zoom, Day White or Nite White? I've used Zoom in the past and am considering switching to Opalesence, but wanted to get the scoop from someone who has tried most of the home brands.
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I have whitened my teeth with so many diffferent methods, I should have an award. THe"white spots" are caused by the whitening gel getting in between your top part of your gumline and your teeth. It's only temporary, so don't worry. Keep doing what your doing, because soon after the whitening is over and done with, it'll be gone.
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Sorry to hear you are having problems. I think it is common for this to happen with the whitening. I have had the same thing happen, it just takes time to heal. Try not leaving the trays in as long. I think you will love the results.
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No it is not common. Whitening trays do not work. They are cheaper but there is no way you can control the gel from getting in contact with your gums. I had to get it done professionally. paid more but worth it. 1 hour done.
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As others have commented it is a temporary irritation. Use a desensitizer such as Sensodyne or your dentist might recommend something like Sheer DesenZ to help with the discomfort until the gums heal.

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