Repair X5 for Acne Scars and Aging

I am almost 3 weeks post my 2nd Fraxel Repair...

I am almost 3 weeks post my 2nd Fraxel Repair.  Both were done at 70mj-60%.  I have encountered no problems and quick healing times.  I am doing this for acne scars and aging, and the results have been better than for Dermabrasion and CO2.It is too early to tell, but I may go for a 3rd round of Repair in November if I still need it.

Updated on Nov 2, 2009:
This is an impossible site to navigate.  I want to post a new review entitled Fraxel Repair Part III, but I will be darned if I can figure out how to do it.  Anyway I had my 3rd Repair done 4 days ago.  I experienced very little pain, and never took any of the pain medication.  I used Aquafor for 2 days and switched to Cetaphil Moisturizer on the 3 day.  I am still icing down and using the vinegar wash.  All of the swelling has not gone down yet and I am quite red.  I am using Repair as a treatment for acne scars and aging.

Updated on Nov 6, 2009:
Fraxel Repair #3 was done on Oct 30, 2009. It was done at 70mj-60%. I am on day 8 and it seems these get easier the more you do. I am a very quick healer and most of the redness is already gone. The pain was little and I never even took any pain medication or the Xanax that was prescribed.My history:Dermabrasion - Full FaceCO2 Full Face 1996Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% May 22, 2008Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Jan 08, 2009Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Oct 30.2009

Before anyone assumes I am addicted to lasers understand that Re:pair is the only treatment that I have ever found for the treatment of acne scars. I may or may not have a 4th Re:pair in May 2010 depending on the finished results from #3.

Updated on Oct 14, 2010:
I had my 4th Fraxel Re:pair on Oct 8, 2010. I am on day 6 of the recovery and most of the redness and swelling are gone. This by far has been the easiest recovery. My Re:pair was done at 70mj-60% which is about the max that I have heard of. The low price is because of the multiple treatments, and my actual cost averages out at $2200. I have full face and neck done each time. This has been so easy that I may just do yearly tuneups. DON'T QUIT AFTER THE FIRST RE:PAIR!

This is a uselss format unless you are comment on...

This is a uselss format unless you are comment on a previous review. I just had my 5th Fraxel Re:Pair and it is still logged under an old review. This has by far been my easiest Re:pair, and I was even able to go out in public on the first day. My biggest problem today was that I was not given demoral and so I felt the stinging much more.

Dermabrasion - Full Face

CO2 Full Face 1996

Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% May 22, 2008

Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Jan 08, 2009

Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Oct 30,2009

Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Oct 08,2010

Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Nov 04,2011
Dr Victoria Johnson, LaserLight Skin Clinic

Professional care. Since this was my 5th procedure the doctor knew that I knew what I was doing and didn't really need to explain things to me.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello! What was the procentage of improvemet?

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Dazed - How are your results. I had the restore done last month, and after reading some of the horror stories out there am worried about the future of my skin. It seems that most promblems are coming up a year or two after the proceedure. Have you had any ill effects at all?
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Well I am at week 17 and I am considering my 3rd Repair for either June, October or November. The fall months would be better because of my penchant to exercise outdoors, and the exposure to the sun. This is a progressive procedure that requires patience.
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I recently read an article That Demoral should not be combined with anti depressants .Since it seems like a lot of people take or have taken a antidepressant.... If the doctor doesn't ask.... you should mention all medications... Some antidepessants When taken with Demerol, can cause unpredictable, severe, and occasionally fatal reactions Sometimes people don't think it's relevant and may not consider it important when getting a skin treatment.... It's all important and you should be examined by and full medical history taken by a doctor who will prescribe settings ect.... this is a prescription device...If you are doing it without seeing a doctor it is illegal..... You wouldn't let joe blow prescribe your heart medicine ect....Don't do it with your face!!!!!!!
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CrookedTeeth and HappyPuppy, Demoral-Phenorgan, Versed and Xanax knocked me out, so the procedure was pain free. There was minor pain after the procedure, but not even enough to take the pain meds I was perscribed. I took Xanax for about 5 days, but tired of that real quick. There was a distinct difference between my 2 procedures, although they were done at basically the same intensity levels, except for turning up the level on my forhead and having my neck done the 2nd time. There was more blood the 1st time, but it is like pin prick bleeding. The swelling was much more intense the 1st time, with it peaking on the 2nd day. On that day I was unrecognizable and thought I had made a big mistake. Once you can take a shower it is a great relief, and it is your big step toward normal life. Of course I did Repair. I was lucky enough to run into a doctor who told me not to bother with Restore, and he did not have the Repair Laser. The 2 lasers are not compairable. TotalFX is probably the nearest thing to Repair, and I believe Repair has the superior delivery method.
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I too wanted to know how this could be pain free? Did you do re:pair or the re:store? Was your face very bloody the first few days like I've seen in some pictures here? Thanks for sharing.
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What were your pain meds for the procedure? I see that you rated this "pain free", and are willing to have it done a third time, or more (astounding, to me). I found it to be incredibly painful.
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Sorry it took so long to respond. I took one tablet of Xanax one hour prior to the procedure and I was given Demoral-Phenorgan-Versed for the laser. I needed no pain meds after the laser, but I did take Xanax for 5 days after - until I no longer wanted to feel like a zombie.
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Thank you for getting back to me and I hear you on walking past the is frustrating. I have tried too much to get rid of these scars and I just hope this does it cause it takes a toll emotionally and after yrs of cystic acne and then scarring, I've had enough. I'm thankful I have my health (knock on wood) but acne scarring is one burden I'll be happy to get rid of..I wish you the best ...good luck to you!!
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You will see final results at about 3 months. I would estimate about 30% from the first procedure. I would say that at almost 8 weeks I am seeing much more noticeable results from the 2nd laser. Even with that I am planning the 3rd treatment for around November. Hopefully there will come a time when I can walk past a mirror without being critical of myself.
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Dazed - I am happy you are seeing results. How long did it take for the redness to go away? I had the total fx laser done on my cheek almost 3 months ago and I am still a little red. My scar has improved some and now the doctor would like to do deep fx on the scar only. I would like the redness to go away completely before having a second procedure done. Any suggestions???
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Hi Dazed, I recently had repair done for acne scarring's only been a week and so far it looks pretty good however I do still see some scarring. Of course I know they say for acne scarring you may need more than one treatment but did you see any improvement after your first? How long was it till you saw the final results of the first repair? I guess I'm just really impatient and wondering if its still going to improve or stay the same. Thanks!
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Hi Dazed, Repair lite is the same devise just used lightly. {edited} Less intense...A great "refresher". It would probably be a good yearly tune -up for you.
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Boston Girl, My initial Repair was done May 22, 2008 and the 2nd was done Jan 08, 2009. Since both were done at 70mj-60%, I believe the major difference is that I knew what to expect, and I was better prepared. I believe I am healing at the same rate. Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are things you should know.
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How long was it between your initial treatment and 2nd treatment? Was the down time less for the 2nd? What was the major difference in the healing process between first and 2nd? Sorry for all the questions Thanks in advance for the answers. Very interested.
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Fairest, Thank You. My cost was really 5k for the first and 2 k for the second, so I averaged them out to come up with $3500. I anticipated 2-3 treatments, and after that I may do yearly tune-ups.
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Hi Dazed, If you do the yearly tune-ups ask your Doctor about the repair lite. I was told it was a great refresher. I hope you're happy with your second. Let us know how it compares with your first when you feel you've healed:)
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Fairest, that is probably a good idea to tune it down a bit. I have never heard of Repair Lite.
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Hi Dazed, Here's to a speedy recovery,and may your 2nd repair be all that you thought it would be, and more. please do keeps us posted in 3-6mos.
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