Not What I Expected With Lifestyle Lift

My wife had the lifestyle lift proceedure done 6...

My wife had the lifestyle lift proceedure done 6 weeks ago and from day one has had nothing but pain, suffering, and a feeling of emptyness. After reading some of the comments on this web site I only wish we had read them before deciding to have the proceedure done. It is not reassuring at all to find other women having the same complications.

My wife trusted the Lifestyle Lift doctors and staff to be honest and caring throughout the entire program, but what we ended up with was a healing time that was not diclosed as well as never being told just how long the "healing" process takes. I think this company should be shut down immediately! I plan to write radio and television stations in hopes of getting some sort of exposure. The only problem is my wife refuses to be seen by anyone other than her grandchildren. What a shame for a beautiful woman 55 years old to be dealt such a negative blow by snappy commercials and flase promises.

My neighbor had the procedure done 8/13/2010. She went in at 6:00 am and came home at noon and was dead by 2:30. We are so upset and in disbelief.
After reading the horror stories of LSL patients I wouldn't have this procedure if it were FREE!!!! I am soooo thankful to God for his protection & decernment!! I had an appointment for tomarrow 12-28-09!!!!!!!! TRUST ME I have NO intention of going there for that torture!!! My daughter is a nurse and I called her (she was on her way home from a double shift) She got on the site when I told her what I was reading and her comment was THANK GOD, MOM you should (if you really want to do this PLEASE go to a REAL Plastic Surgeon)!! Amen! Thank You Lord for widsom!! God Bless & heal these women who have shared their stories to save others the pain!!!
Thanks for posting your story. I feel bad for you and your wife but you really shouldn't try to go through this without some kind of help. Medically, I know that there are many revisions that can be done to help with the scars and other issues. I had to have my LSL redone due to complications with my eyes and ears. Emotionally though that is a tough one. I was very embarrassed that I fell for the marketing hype. I have found many friends here at realself that given me courage and just knowing that I was not the only one who fell for the hype. I just wish I had found realself before I had the procedure done 2 years ago. I hope anyone considering this procedure will also go and seek a 2nd opinion with an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before the make the final decision on LSL. Also remember when you are comparing procedures, compare apples to apples. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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Did not tell the truth and wasn't honest before or after the procedure.

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