Nose Surgery Thickened Skin and Profile (Iran)

Hi im an iranian guy with brunnete and thick skin...

hi im an iranian guy with brunnete and thick skin i had a surgeory on my nose a year ago but not only it`s still big it starting to grow thicker and thicker my dr has given up to reform it and any other drs evade from acting on my nose

what should i do?i hate my nose


I actually think your nose is fine and fits your handsome features. You have predominant features, therefore your nose is harmonious with them. If you go smaller, imo, I think it would look unbalanced. But in the end, it's up to you of course.
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I think your nose looks okay your a good looker of a young man, I understand your quest for perfection because I am doing it too : ) God will help you if you still want to find the right surgeon for you. : )
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You are hot guy but the nose have to be fix . Not good result stop saying the result is good when is not!
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