Nose Bridge Not Symmetrical After Rhinoplasty

Pros: removed hump and angle between nose and...

Pros: removed hump and angle between nose and mouth

Cons: nose not symmetrical

I did it to remove hump and improve the proportions of my face. overall it was not a bad experience. It did improve my appearance however I am still not very happy due to the uncertainties I am facing.


I do see what you mean, but it isn't really as deform as you think. I would trade for nose with my horrible eyes of mine. The upper part of my faces is messed up by a so called oculoplastic surgeon out of newport beach, ca. He gave me scars on my forehead, on the sides of each of my eyes, on my eybrow, on my eyelid crease, between my eyebrow and my eyelid creases. He stitched me up so tight everywhere that I ended up with a puckered look. This surgeon is evil and a quack. I went for eyelid surgery and ended up with scars everywhere on the top portion of my face.
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I also think your nose looks AWESOME.
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Cant see any crookedness!Think it looks damn good! :)
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Hi I just had Rhinoplasty 1 week ago. 2 days ago I...

hi I just had Rhinoplasty 1 week ago. 2 days ago I had my splint removed. Now I am noticing that my nose bridge is not exactly at the centre. it is a bit to the left i.e. on the left there is smaller distance from eyes to bridge. I am also noticing that my left nostril is a bit smaller. Could this be due to swelling? My nose was well centred before I have done this procedure. -- Updated on Sep 24, 2009: I would like to know if the asymmetry shown in the picture could be due to the swelling? the picture is taken about 10 days after the surgery. can this asymmetry of the nose bridge resolve in the healing process?


your nose looks great!!!! dont know if thats actually true, but i sometimes think my nose/face looks really asymmetrical in photos (only some of them though, which is weird), but if i look in the mirror, its actually "straight". maybe its got something to do with the lighting... consider that... but seriously, you are bound to be super critical with your results and maybe even see stuff that really only you can see because it makes you a bit paranoid. enjoy your results, its a beautiful nose, i hope mine turns out that way.
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The left nostril might be a little bigger but I didn't notice it until somebody said one side was a little wollen.
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yes it was at first and it looked horrible to me but now after 2 months it is much more symmetrical and nostrils loook the same :) I think in the first few months one should give it a chance cos probably it will improve as happened to me. thanks for replying!
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