No Drain Full Tummy Tuck

I am very pleased with my Dr, and my results. The...

I am very pleased with my Dr, and my results. The pain was a bit more then i expected, but the end results are totally worth it.

I was never really over weight to begin with, but had the loose skin and saggy area you have once you have had children. all my stretch marks are now gone - weeeeee!


Lisa you look awesome... btw, what dress size are you now? What was your old dress size and what are you fitting into now? for me, it didnt change very much if anything at all. I still bounce from a size 4 to 6. The same as before.
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You look good girl,swelling down..congrats!
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wow that looks hoping to get one soon... really scared did u feel coming out of anethesia?
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Is swelling normal when you are almost 4 weeks...

Is swelling normal when you are almost 4 weeks post OP from a no drain full tummy tuck? I am nearing the 4 week point, and still swollen from the navel down, as well as all around the navel and above the navel. I never had any drains, so how long should i expect to be swollen? The swelling looks almost the same as it did the day i came home. Should I be worried? It seems never ending but my PS assured me all is well. Most of the posts here are from people who had drains, so if a Dr or someone that had the no drain procedure done could please respond, that would be great. Also, is there any advantages/disadvantages to a no drain procedure? I attached a couple of pictures I just took, and if you look at the side view, I look as if im 3 months pregnant. (sorry pics are not the greatest I took them in the bathroom mirror with my blackberry ha-ha) Its just very frustrating, and I just want to know when I should expect my tummy to flatten out. By the way, i love my results, its just the swelling that is starting to worry me. i see some on here flat as a pancake after being 2 weeks post op and i still look pregnant from the side view.


Hi I was wondering if you would mind posting pics of your scar now. I would really love to see it
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thanks for the two years later update. You look fab!
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What did you use on your scar to lighten it up so much? You look amazing!!
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