Bodytite Lipo 2 Weeks Ago - Waiting to See Results

Hi, I had a new kind of lipo done called Bodytite...

Hi, I had a new kind of lipo done called Bodytite on my outer thighs. I'm still healing and I dont' know yet what I think about my experience. I will update you when I'm done healing and I see results

Updated on Nov 16, 2009
I'm not sure that I like lipo. I am glad that the bulge is gone, but I'm not sure how I will like it when the final result is it.

Updated on Nov 17, 2009
Its been two weeks since I had lipo. Am I seeing about the final size I will be? I'm afraid to get any smaller as I do'nt really like how my curves seem to be gone. I got it on my outer thigh. I wanted the bulge gone, but not my shape. Is there a possibility that the tightening I have now can loosen up a bit (there are some hard tight spots)

I'm not sure what I think just yet. I wanted the bulge gone on my outer thigh but I didn't want to be a stick and straight. They don't answer my questions and really help me with after care which has upset me greatly.

Anyway, I'm a bit sad to see my curves not really there. I mean, I wanted the unsightly bulge to be gone, but I didn't want to look too "straight". I think its ok now, but its only been two weeks. Is this gonna get smaller as I keep healing? I'm worried I will get straighter. They say you get the final result in 3-6 months and that is what worries me. Should I just stop wearing the compression garment? Am I seeing the basic results as the swelling has gone down significantly? What else is going to change? I'm so worried about this.

Updated on Nov 30, 2009
Why do I have a big dip/dent on the side of my thigh after lipo? I'm only 4 weeks out, but I'm not happy with how "straight" one thigh looks...the other is more curvy which is my natural shape. I didn't want to be too small. Will these dents go away? Will I readjust to my natural curviness?

I do'nt know if I should have done this...I feel too small and I'm not sure if I'm happy and I didn't want to lose my curves. I spent a lot on this and went to a good doctor. I did Bodytite

About Dr Krish Nulliah - I've had this individual, also known as Dr Krishna Nulliah, take money from me for a treatment which has not been provided. He had been using a website for a clinic that no longer exists to take money from members of the public. After contacting Action Fraud and GMC the website has been removed. If anyone has had Dr Nulliah take money from them through a website (Harley Health, or any other) in a similar manner - contact Action Fraud (0300 123 2040) AND General Medical Council. This individual took money from me through illegal means, and will not pay it back. If he has done this to you - report him immediately.
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I don't know where to begin... I have had this procedure done 3 times with him and never worked now I'm left with lose skin and a spare tyre around the mid drift where he has so called do bodytite he used no stitches after and it was very painful to have done . He went bankrupt in feb this year and is very hard to get hold of him when I do he just is very unprofessional and will not refund any money . I am now in the process of getting a loan to get further lipo to try and fix what he has made worse!! GMC have suspended him from doing any further treatments in the UK . This man is a con man! I'm sorry other people have been ripped off like me. It would be nice to all email each other to try and sue this man.
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I think they are good, but I'm still sussing it out as I heal

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