Asian Double Eyelid Surgery, for the Second Time?

I did this because i desired rounder looking eyes....

I did this because i desired rounder looking eyes. The recovery time was fairly quick and pain-free, except when the stitches were taken out, but that was only a few seconds.


hey,Rachel, I want to get blepharoplasty also, but i still have some doubts...((( how long did it take to heal?
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hey ! well the healing time didn't take long for me. My eyes healed within about 5 days. But it's different for everyone. But make sure you do A LOT of research about the doctor because once your blepharoplasty goes wrong it'll be extremely difficult to fix it. If you want to talk to me more e-mail me
rachel. I'd leave well enough alone. Read my post under bad blepharoplasty. At least dr Kwan is highly capable and you look good! I wish my story was a happier one, but I've been left with a lot of pain and depression, because of too much fat removal, tissue and a Doctor inexperienced with the Asian eye.
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Hello all, i recently had a non-incisional...

Hello all, i recently had a non-incisional double eyelid surgery. Non- incisional meaning that no part of my eyes were cut, only stitches were used. Although my doctor did a great job, i feel that my fold is too small. Now my eyes look exactly the same pre-surgery (i had small double eyelids pre-surgery). I had my surgery in March and am not sure if it's too soon to have the surgery again, this time an incisional surgery. (cutting the eye area)


How are you doing now?
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I have had the non-incisIonal work done and i ask for it to not be to big and the DOC did it small so I went back and ask him free of charge to make it bigger and he did. I had nothing to worry about just like you right now. Then I got a it done with laser and I realize that I should have told the doctor extacly what I wanted cause now I think the crease is too big and I don't think it can be fixed.
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Wow..he did it free of charge?
I wish my doctor would do that.
You can do this surgery with a laser?
And sorry to hear about your unsatisfied results!
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