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First Time with Radiesse for Under Eye Hollows... Left Me with Discoloration

I certainly wish I had researched Radiesse before...

I certainly wish I had researched Radiesse before going to the doctor. I would have never had it injected under my eyes. I went to a board certified dermatologist that specializes in cosmetic procedures. I thought I was being careful by choosing a doctor over a skin care center. I wanted to even out the under eye hollows that had started to show.

At 44 I had never had anything done to my face before and put my trust in the wrong person. Lots of swelling and discoloration. It has been over three months and the swelling is gone, but I have half-moon reddish discoloration under both eyes that I cannot quite cover completely with makeup. Does anyone know the best treatment for this discoloration. I have olive skin and I tan easily.

What is the best treatment discoloration of the skin after Radiesse? I have two half-moon circles under my eyes and it has been over three months. I have olive skin and tan very easily. I can post a picture if that would help.

Is there anyone on her that is from michigan? Canton michigan? Or did u get your injection in canton mi?Just wondering if we had the same injector.....If so I would like to talk with you...This could be a mix of the injector and a bad batch of the product...i have spoken to a lawer (the assistant) I am waiting for a call back....i will keep u all updated!
I have a yellow ridge under my left eye from an injection 6 weeks ago. There is a lot of redness too.
I have heard prednisone makes you gain weight, and another bad thing is it blocks the healing process when taken for too long! But if it helps....guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Also, I have been using something I invented long ago, which is far less expensive than the stupid overpriced Clarisonic brush. Get a five-dollar battery-operated toothbrush at the drugstore to exfoliate skin and also to disperse that horribly-filled filler. It's not much different (and less expensive) than the hundred0plus dollar Clarisonic. Sorry for my bad sp. and grammar here -- I am in a hurry to get out the door!
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He has been of no help. He shouldn't have used Radiesse under my eyes. He didn't even use the whole syringe and just threw the rest away. He could have used a less expensive and agressive filler for under my eyes. Dr. let his assistant rub and smooth the filler under my right eye and he did the left. The filler is not positioned evenly and under my right eye you can see the filler in a lump. That is the least of my worries. I really want to get rid of the discoloration.

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