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My Septoplasty Got Rid of Closed Nostril and Straightened Nose

I had a septoplasty done 2 days ago and i do not...

I had a septoplasty done 2 days ago and i do not hae any splints and i have disolvable stitches.

Pros- got rid of my dodgy closed nostril and bobble underneath nose and straightened up my nose

cons - swelling and pain and blocked nose so far

I am a bit concerned because yesterday and the day of the surgery my face wasnot swollen at allbut today i have woken up with my top lip so swollen that when i smile my top teeth dont show...also it looks as tho my face has been stretched out (probably cause of the swelling) is this normal and if so how long with this swelling last?

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the swelling has finally subsided in my lip but now im confused of the outcome of my nose when i first woke up from having the operation i was not swollen in any way and was happy straight away with the results, but now 6 days later it looks as tho my closed nostril has come back?!!! im feeing a little bit angry about this can somebody please reassure me that this is just swelling and it will end up looking as it did when i first woke up, i will try and post some pictures so you can see what i mean.
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