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Minimize Scars from Breast Lift

I had a breast lift revision for scars 6 weeks ago...

I had a breast lift revision for scars 6 weeks ago. I am starting to see the same pattern as with my previous breast lift where the vertical and horizontal lines meet under my right breast. That scar is widening and is turning white and a little wrinkled. On my left breast, the vertical line is starting to widen (from the center of the vertical line down the where the horizontal line is).

For the first breast lift surgery, I used silicone scar sheets by Biodermis for 6 months. I wore them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they didn’t help. My scars became raised (hypertrophic) and ropey (around my nipple and vertically). I cried a lot over this and since the first lift was not done properly, I went in with a different surgeon for a revision of the scars. He did a nice job, but I am very concerned that these incisions will become hypertrophic like the last ones. I am currently using Tegaderm transparent dressings (no ointment) and place 3M paper tape over the Tegaderm to help keep pressure on the scars. I wear the Tegaderm for 7 days and then change it.

What can I do to keep the scars from my breast lift flat and prevent them from widening and becoming hypertrophic?


If you ask me the best thing to help the scar to be flat is to massage the scar. I used my fingernails - sort of like kneeding dough - to workout the lumps. The way you did it was the opposite. You applied sheets and dressings and never touched them for months. After a month after my breastlift, I started to GENTLY massage the scars with some neosporin ointment. Applying more pressure as time went on. There should be some discomfort while doing this, but not real pain. As the stitches heal it is safer to apply more pressure and use nails. There should be even more discomfort using your nails , but not real pain. I would suggest maybe finding a new doctor to do, not another breast lift like you had, but just a scar revision (its a short time and under a local). And then try my method.
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He is one of the best in town and did an exceptional job with making fine incisions and being extra careful.

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