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Midface Suspension Lift - Can't Lift One Brow

I did it to have a more contoured, youthful look...

I did it to have a more contoured, youthful look to my face as I felt that my cheeks hung and made me look frumpy and haggard.

I had a midface suspension lift about 5-6 weeks ago and now I can't lift one brow. I am concerned. I'd appreciate any insights. Thank you.


Your face was traumatized as is normal with all surgical procedures. A full face lift is the same amount of trauma to the body as hitting a windshield at 45 miles per hour. Your body turns off certain nerves to cope with this trauma. Tremors, twitches, and dormant nerves are a common side affect. Your surgery does not achieve its permanent status until 1 year. ONE YEAR. Be patient. I know its difficult and you are beating yourself up right now. More surgeries work out than do not. Its like driving a car-there are accidents all the time but those who make it home safely far outweigh those who do not. Stop looking in the mirror every 5 minutes and focus on things that make you happy and you like to do. My whole face shut down for 9 months after a facelift. I lost my mind. At month 11 I woke up and one side came back on line. 1 month to the day later the other side of my face activated. One year. My Dr. told me one year and I didn't trust him. ONE YEAR.
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who did this for you?
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I'm concerned about the inability to lift brow.

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