Asian Male, Microderm and Lactic Acid Peel for Melasma

I'm an Asian Male. I'm using Triluma, but had a...

I'm an Asian Male. I'm using Triluma, but had a microderm done with latic acid peel for melasama.

With triluma my melasma looked like it was disappaering. My skin was bright. After getting the microderm done with latic acid peel my melasma looks darker. Question is this suppose to happen?

My questtion is: does melasama get darker before it heals ?
I have melasma, gylocic peels with the use of Obagi Nuderm System has helped, the active pharmacutical indgredient is hydroquinone. I always wear sunscreen.... i also like bioelements products. Use someething with AHA on a daily basis Good luck
I have melasma all over my face. I have tried photofacial, it got worse after photofacial, the lady at the SPA recommended Triluma. Triluma peel my skin but it didn't get to the core, so triluma doesn't remove melasma. Microderbrasam smooth your skins but doesn't help removing melasma. I have tried photofacial,microdermabrasam and triluma, none of them work. Good Luck :)
The same thing has happened to me, i tried Triluma and it made my melasma darker, i tried the chemical peel and it faded a little and i use lots of Sunblock, I have done the microderms but still my melasma wont go away. I am tempeted to get the photofacials but i doubt that will work. I know of a product that i must find called Porcelana fade cream, I knew someone who had great skin and this product worked for her. Whenever she stopped using it her freckles would come back. I just have to find it!
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