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I had breast implants four months ago. My left...

I had breast implants four months ago. My left breast sits lower than my right. My nipples are also uneven. I went back to my surgeon and he said in order to fix it I will need a capsuleorphy and it will cost me and additional $2500 to make my breasts even. He showed me my before pics and said that it is my bodies fault and not his. I understand this but don't know why it wasn't brought up as an option to fix in my pre-op consult instead of now having to deal with uneven breasts.

I am excited to have larger breasts but am very unhappy with them when I am naked. The are noticeably different and I want them fixed!!

Does this seem normal for me to have to pay to have them fixed? Should I get a second opinion?
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My doctor said he had put 30cc more in the right than the left. So i went back in for a corrective surgery.

Corrective surgery 1: He fixed the fold since my right breast was so much lower than the left, but the implant was so huge it still looked wierd. He fixed the lipo he had done on my inner thighs but left me with two extra scars on my leg that I only consented to when I was on valumm that his nurse gave me.

Corrective surgery 2: He swapped the right one out for an implant 30 cc less to match my left, but it still is bigger than my left. He cut out the lipo scars that were raised and huge bumps and made them into huge thick line scars down my legs.

Corrective surgery 3: the top of the breast was still muffin top. I went back in for a third surgery cuz he said its a capsular contracture and when he fixed it the problem seemed the same.

I think the implant is still too big, but I'm sick of paying almost $2k each time with 3 months of recovery each time and also the cost of going to the doctor who is out of town, and staying at a hotel to recover a day before flying back.

I did research for almost a decade to find this doctor. I feel he's a good doctor, but complications do happen with any surgery. So it's just important to know what you may be in for before starting on this journey.
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that sux. i can totally relate, cuz mine are uneven as well. my right one is wayyy bigger than my left (a cup size), he says it's swelling but i'm almost 3 months out. also there is a huge rash under my right breast where the incision is which he is saying is fungal infection and he said i should use a creme and once the infection is gone that my breast swelling in the right side will go down. have you heard anything about this occurring?
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I hope your problem got solved! It sounds like there was an infection inside. I had my surgery in a hospital so I didn't have an infection, luckily. My breasts are uneven as one sits a half inch lower than the other. I hate it as it looks like it's falling out.
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All findings before surgery should be brought up and discussed so there are no surprises. If problems noted before surgery and could be corrected, they should have been corrected. Now correction of displaced implant is more difficult and less perdictable. The recurence rate is high. See many BOARD CERTIFIED PS before embarking on another surgery
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Thank you so much for you response. I have two different consultations set up for next week.
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