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Mesotherapy on Thighs Does Not Hurt, You're Just Tender and Sore Afterwards.

I got the mesotherapy treatment done on my inner...

I got the mesotherapy treatment done on my inner and outer thighs 3 days ago. It was not painful whatsoever. I absolutely hate needles and I always work myself up for no reason. I was seriously freaking out because I hate the thought of tons of needles being stuck in my skin. Anyway, it went fast and didn't hurt.

They told me that the next day I would be in a lot of pain, but I really wasn't. Yeah my thighs were very tender and sore, but it wasn't unbearable. My thighs expanded asap, they were very very swollen. I couldn't and still can't fit into my jeans, which sucks. I have bruising but hopefully that will go away soon! It has only been 3 days since the 1st treatment so we'll see.

They said I will only need 3 treatments. But my thighs are still swollen, mostly on the inner thighs, and I just want that to go away so I can at least go back to normal. But so far I haven't seen any results, but once again, it has only been 3 days and 1 treatment.


I had my 3rd treatment today. Ive been reading alot of postings and there are alot of negative results with mesotherpy. We have to be realistic! we cant just get rid of fat, we have to be patient, so lets be realistic about our bodies! after 3 treatments you see 1/2inch, now thats nothing to brag about depending how much body fat you have. Ive seen results after my second treatment. My doctor told me I was a good candidate because I didnt have alot of body fat, dont get me wrong I have this muffin top that I hate! but we have to be realistic ladies if you have alot of fat thats alot of injections! I can probably grab about 3inches of fat on my waist as for the upper sides (close to the back) the results are good. I can tell because my body fat is different in that area compared to where my bra strap is. close to the bra is fattier where my doctor didnt inject. you dont see results until 3 weeks and I wont have my flat tummy probably until 3 more painful injections.
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hi there! I wanted to know how did things work out after a few months of getting your final Mesotherapy Treatments ? My dermatologist suggested it for my arms and i'm scared to the ends of nowhere! but i'm still going to go for it if it works. thanks for your reply in advance
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