Mesotheropy for Under Eye Bags

Pros- -the before and after pictures I saw were...

-the before and after pictures I saw were astonishing for under eye bag treatments.

-painless. I was givin numbing cream and I did not feel anything

-I was told this was a lunchtime procedure thing with no down time what-so-ever

-eyes swelled shut for almost 3 week

-had to spend a lot on prescription prednizone

-I think my under eyes are perminently discolored -people stare at my face and i am uncomfortable being in public

Why I did it...
I am 22 years old and I have under eye bags that looked like little sacks of liquid. It's hereitary. I wanted to improve my looks because I wqs finding it hard to find a job since I always looked like I was over tired, a crack-head, or an alcoholic, which I am not any of those things. But in the real world,your looks really do make a difference in getting hired.

Has anyone had perminent negative effects of Mesotheropy? I had mesotherapy for under eye bags 2 months ago. My face looks worse now. About an hour after the injections under my eyes, my eyes (upper, lower, and all around) swelled completely shut. I immediately called the doctor who prescribed prednizone. I took the prednizone for a month along with the Arnica (for bruising). The swelling went down after about 3 weeks but now my under eyes are very discolored. My doctor said to wait another month or two. I feel as if I am getting the run-around and I will look like a sugar-glider all my life now. I am only 22 years old but my bags made me look like I was always either tired or on crack. They were terrible. That's why i was desperate enough to get this procedure done. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me besides using predizone, cold packs, and arnica? I would appreciate any suggestions I can get.

Dr Koboebel

He is a really nice guy and his staff is beyond excellent and supportive. I just don't feel like he is doing all he can to get me out of this situation.

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Hyaluronidase is used in mesotherapy. Some people have a hypersensitivity reaction to it. Get a doctor to do an allergy test for hyaluronidase in your arm. Then you will know if your swelling is due to the hyaluronidase. This will only resolve will time and expect it to take some months to come good. (I had a hypersensitivity reaction to hyaluronidase this is how I know.) Keep us updated and good luck. Cheers, K
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Prednizone is incompatible with the mesotherapy homeopathics. You had dark circles to begin with. Of course we don't have pictures before and after but I would have taken apis instead of prednizone or another appropriate homeopathic for the swelling. It would have worked with your body instead of forcing it to stop swelling and much cheaper too. For the swelling and bags Try using warm teabag compresses like chammomile (if not allergic to the ragweed family) or green tea bags. Enjoy the cups of tea as well while relaxing. Keep on eyes 3-5 minutes. Follow with cold tea bags from the refrigerator not freezer. Alternate 2-3 times as desired. You can make a pitcher of tea and store the tea bags in a sandwich bag to have enough cold ones. Do not use the microwave to warm the teabags. Make fresh or dip in hot water. For the dark circles use potato slices which contains alpha lipoic acid for 5-10 minutes. If there is itching or burning you may be sensitive to it so stop and wash your face and rinse with cold water. My friend had fantastic results with mesotherapy they said it would last about 2 years for eye bags but she is still looking better at 3 years. She is going back for a touchup for her birthday soon.
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