Huge Improvement, but More Painful Than I Expected

I have never liked my thighs. Even when I was a...

I have never liked my thighs. Even when I was a skinny little 20-something, they were disproportionately large. My pants (when I could find a pair that didn't gap terribly at the waist) were always 2 sizes bigger than my blouses and jackets.

I did lipodissolve on my inner thighs 4 weeks ago. Before the procedure, a size 16 was comfortable, and a size 14 was pretty snug. Now my size 12's are falling down and I need to go shopping for size 10's!

From reading other posts, there are two important reasons why I think I got a better result:

  • My procedure was done by a fully-qualified doctor, not a nurse or other assistant.
  • My treatment plan was more than just an hour of injections.

1. I was told to go on a low triglyceride diet for at least 6-8 weeks after the procedure. No red meat, no carbs, no fried or fatty foods, no sugar or alcohol. Lots of fish, chicken, buffalo (a surprisingly wonderful substitute for red meat), and non-starchy vegetables. Lipodissolve dissolves fat into triglycerides and your body can only handle so much at once.

2. I was given a prescription appetite suppressant to help me stick to the diet. As I told the doc at the consultation, if I could do such a restrictive diet, I probably wouldn't be asking for lipodissolve. He said not to worry, and the diet has been pretty painless.

3. I was given HCG injections to help my body metabolize all of the fat that is now shaken loose from its foundations.

4. I was told to take arnica montana for 5 days before and after the procedure. Arnica montana is an herbal supplement that helps to reduce swelling and bruising. At my checkup 4 days post-procedure, I was still quite bruised, so the doc gave me an arnica cream to rub into my skin. The next day I could hardly see the bruises.

5. I was told to wear spanx for at least the first week. The compression helps to keep the swelling down. Since my thighs are still really "tender" (more on this below), I am still wearing spanx, or athletic shorts, or pantyhose with the lower leg cut off (elegant, huh?) so that I don't feel every little sensation as I move, especially the inseam of my pants rubbing against my thighs.

At this point I am very satisfied. I wore a swimsuit yesterday for the first time and loved that my thighs looked "normal."

The only thing that keeps me from rushing out to do my butt or the backs of my thighs is that my inner thighs are still very uncomfortable. My doctor told me to expect the area to be "tender" for 6-8 weeks after the procedure, but "tender" to me would be the level of discomfort you'd expect from a sunburn or an especially hard workout. Something that you notice, but you can still go about your regular routine.

I would call this moderately painful, even after 4 weeks. I am very sore and worn out by the end of the day. Aleve and tylenol don't seem to help much. The arnica cream keeps the swelling and puffiness down, but doesn't do much for the pain. The pain level has not improved much in the past two weeks, and I wonder when I am going to feel good again.

So, my backside will have to wait a while. If the pain goes away by Christmastime, maybe I'll be ready for more. If (heaven forbid) I am still this "tender" I will just enjoy the results I got from doing my inner thighs.

Okay, I just don't get it. Why is this so painful for everybody? I am no warrior, I had my first LD treatment yesterday, and it was a walk in the park! Only 2 tiny bruises. Some swelling, nothing crazy. I didn't even blink thru the whole process. I asked for a script for pain meds just in case (Tylenol does nothing for me) and only took 2 Darvocet last night because lying down I was a tad sore (had the back of my hips done. Feels like a sunburn if I put pressure on those areas). I am at work today and already feel more comfortable in my pants. No soreness or anything unless I push on my hips. I plan to post a new item when I'm all done so people can have another perspective.
I would love to know the name of the doctor
I have been reading others comments and they were all negative. It's good to read that you are quite happy with your results. I would love to know who you went to as the Dr. seems very supportive and attentive. I am starting to lose weight and eventually will do this procedure for my thighs. So I would love to hear when you did it, if your pain is getting better, the results, etc...
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Treatment includes more than just lipodissolve injections

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