Medpor Chin Implant

Pro - better profilecon - very wide front face,...

pro - better profile

con - very wide front face, changed the shape of my face, made my lower face look fatter, difficult implant to remove, expensive

In February I got a medpor chin implant. I am satisfied with the chin portion - but I do not like the wings that extend down my jaw (my jaw is now too wide). My face shape has changed too much. I would like to get rid of the wings. Do I have any options? Could a doctor bur down the wings, could I have them cut off, can the medpor implant be removed and replaced with a silicone implant or the same implant with no wings? Can you recommend any doctors who might be able to help me? Thank you!


I do lots of chin implants, and it sounds as if your implant was not properly selected to fit with your anatomy (and certainly your goals). This CAN be revised, though it takes another operation. Call for a no-charge appointment. Best wishes!
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I had the EXACT same problem. Doctor kept telling me that it was 'normal' to have huge noticeable edges of the medpor implant. I don't mind it from the side - its an improvement, but it looks ridiculous from the front. What a nightmare. I'm having mine removed tomorrow. Wish I had had a silicone one from the start. Its so frustrating, isnt it.
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Because he doesn't want to revise the implant

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