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Alloderm to Smooth out the Lumps and Dents After Mastectomy

I had a bilateral mastectomy. i had alloderm put...

i had a bilateral mastectomy. i had alloderm put in my right breast to smooth out the lumps and dents. I had radiation on this right breast too 4 years ago. i also had alloderm put in my port scar to smooth it out. The first few months after surgery it looked good, now 6 months later allodern schriveled up inside my port scar and my breasts are lump and dented again.

didn't like the results of alloderm. it was supposed to smooth out areas and became lumpy after a few months. now i have to have it removed.

Why did this happen to me?


I've had a bad experience with alloderm as well. It was used with breast augmentation. My body responded by producing extreme scar tissue and capsular contracture. I had it removed, and what was left were lumps and indentations.

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