Lower Stomach Protruding After Tummy Tuck

I did it because my stomach was large and not...

I did it because my stomach was large and not satisfied after 4 pregnancies. So after years of exercise I finally decided to have the tummy tuck.

The pros are your tummy feels a bit tighter. Cons its painful, down time quite long, and not too thrilled about results

Does anyone else have this problem?


Still the same with my tummy.A slight buldgebut istarted working out so im hoping it flattens some.
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Its been almost 2 years now since my tummy tuck, and im not 100 percent happy. even though ppl say its flat i still see a budge myself. My belly button looks very good, but when i eat my belly button hurts from the stretching. Even though i can barely pinch any fat it still protrudes a bit and i thought it would be more concave. i also got some fat still on my hips so in May im having lipo.
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I just had my tummy tuck on Friday (2 days ago) and haven't really been able to see results. When I do get to peak, my stomach does not appear tight or flat. I am getting really nervous!!
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Dr. Shah

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