Body Lift -- Should Have Waited and Researched More

Was so far not worth it. It's very difficult...

Was so far not worth it. It's very difficult to correct the sag on the back of the thighs, and unless you go with someone highly experienced you're likely to end up with issues.

I now have a painful incision around my body without much to show for it. In fact I look worse--butt crack is too high, butt is now too long looking, *and* the original loose skin issues remain. Very depressing and I'm not even sure it's fixable.

What is the best way to address the laxity on my butt and posterior thighs? Would an extended inner thigh lift help? Scarring is not an issue for me -- would rather have long scar than ripples. Also I need to lower my butt crack--too high= elongates butt and makes clothes nearly impossible to wear.

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Call dr Joseph Capella. He specializes and had done thousands of these surgeries. 201-818-0519
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I am sorry to see results like that, but if you review the hundreds of pre and post op pics in realself, man have similar results. I agree with Dr Agha that a LBL includes monsplasty, lateral thigh lift and typically auto-augmentation and hips in my hands. Suctioning is also a very important adjunct in further defining the body contours. By the way a revision of your problem can be performed I believe giving you much better results. Peter Fisher MD post bariatric body contouring for 13 years
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I agree with the comments below regarding OC dr. Just because they have before and after pictures doesn't mean the results last. I don't look the same as I did after surgery because I gained back the 12 pounds I lost because of the surgery! Of course I looked great then! Now that I'm back to the same weight as I was before surgery and have some of my flexibility left things have shifted and I don't look the same and I didn't get the results I wanted. Dr. Is happy but then he obviously wasn't listening to what I wanted. He didn't tell me before surgery that he couldn't't give me what I wanted either. So be very very careful. I can't say that I'm totally unhappy but my clothes still fit me the same, my thighs are still the same size as they were before surgery and I am scarred and distorted in places so be very careful. I do agree with dr. Agha that just doing a lower body lift with just the incision around your hips will not give you what you had wanted. The LBL should have included those other elements Dr. Agha mentioned. It is very sad that these Dr.s don't take their oaths seriously. They get the money and you're left with the scars but not what you thought they were able to do. It is a money maker for these dr.s. some are very highly skilled there is no doubt but they still hold back important information that would allow you to make an informed decision. I don't know if I would have had this done, spent an inheritance just to be left with the same thighs and many more scars and deformities.
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I have the same problem my scars on my backside are Super high I can't even wear grannie panties ,jeans, reg. pants bathing suit nothing with out them showing~they are much higher then what you have they are at least 4 inches above my but crack and they are uneven on each side~ I feel hack up on~ I am so depressed and cry everyday~ and I paid over 23,000.00 and went to a well known O.C. specialist here in CA ~and ~ I still have fat left on my outer thighs as well and I paid to have that fixed as well and I paid for an outer thigh lift as well~ I am So not happy and I am sure he is going to make ME pay for the revisions. I started out with a nice clean slate and here I end up with a body that I can't even wear normal clothes~ I am SO sad~ can this be fixed~ and don't you think my Dr. should fix it~ I paid him enough money~
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Who did your surgery?
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Did you ever get your scar redone?
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It is always best to go to someone who specializes in Plastic Surgery after weight loss. A ten thousnad dollar body lift is very inexpensive. As you can see by the chart on this page, most body lifts will start at a much higher price. However, many surgeons will do a circumferential abdominoplasty and call it body lift, The two are immensely different. The lower body lift has the following components in my practice: circumferential tummy tuck, monsplasty, outer thigh lift, and buttock lift. Most my patients will also get a buttock augmentation at the same time.

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Please read the poor reviews posted by people who went to the above referenced doctor, Siamak Agha. I've never been and am not familiar with a body lift but other's should check them out before taking the above words of his seriously.
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I have being performing body lifts for the past 10 years and still continue to do one per week. We have one of the largest before and after galleries of body lifts in the nation with many successful and aesthetically pleasing outcome. I invite you all to check our website and see for yourself. If one person is unhappy with her results, you should appreciate the other side of the story before making rash judgement. I am not here to discuss the above patient's medical detail. But plastic surgery is about removing and remolding tissue through incisions in order to improve or enhance shape.

As such, the outcome of any surgery is affected by a number of factors. These are:

1) The extent or severity of the problem area. In our practice, a large number of our patients have lost significant amount of weight and have severe tissue laxity.

2) Revision plastic Surgery is often far more difficult that primary operations. The number of times that another surgeon has operated a patient, will have a significant impact on what we can do for that patient. Sometimes, too much tissue has been removed, or the scars are in the wrong place and cannot be moved, or there is not enough skin to move. Again, a significant number of our patients come for revisions.

3) Surgery is a contract between a surgeon and a patient. The surgeon is responsible for the surgery and the artistic enhancement. On the other hand, the patient is responsible for complying with post-operative instructions in order to heal well after the surgery. Lack of compliance results in complications.

Examples that I have seen in my own patients over the past 5 years are worth mentioning.

  • I had a patient who opened her tummy tuck incision by 2 inches on day 4 after a tummy tuck while she was having sex. She required re-stitching of her opening that I performed under local anesthesia.
  • Another one of my patients opened her thigh incision while taking her German Shepard dog for a walk the next day after her surgery.
  • Another patient who had stopped smoking prior to her surgery, re-started smoking after her tummy tuck. The patient was given information on the adverse effect of nicotine on wound healing on several occasions before her surgery. Unfortunately, the patient’s tummy tuck incision did not heal and ultimately opened up. She required a revision that I performed at a later date.

4) There are other factors that can affect your outcome negatively. These include:

  • Extreme dieting before the surgery
  • Diabetes
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Steroids
  • Use of Aspirin, Advil, vitamin E or any other blood thinner close to the surgery date
  • Recent infections such as sinus infections

5) Thus, as a patient, you are required to invest time in recuperation, follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions, change your dressings, keep your incisions clean, avoid lifting, consume a high protein diet, avoid strenuous activities, etc.

6) In our practice, I perform over 1000 body contouring procedures per year. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to detect these patients, a small population of body contouring patients have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. These patients present with extreme body image dissatisfaction before and after plastic surgery and typically seek more cosmetic procedures in pursuit of their body image. To learn more about this visit the link below. Body dysmorhic disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis.

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Thank you for your detailed response, Dr. Siamak Agha, I have visited your website many times admiring your work. If I had the funds to cover a body lift you would definitely be the surgeon of choice. Your work speaks for itself.
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It is so very easy Dr. Agha to blame the patient. Be wary all of this dr. He talks a good game online has great before and after photos as well as a great website and youtube videos that will draw you in but his pictures don't tell the whole story and he takes the final photos early on when you have lost a lot of weight from the surgery and recovery and you look great. He doesn't tell the whole story. I went to him and I didn't get the after are or the results we spoke of. He has left me high and dry and it is 16 months later and I still have discomfort, swelling and numbness in my stomach and outer hip area that is extremely uncomfortable. I don't believe he did what I paid for him to do. He said he did but I have his surgical report and it is nowhere in the report that he lipo suctioned the back, outer or inner thighs and what I was taught in nursing school is if it wasn't charted it wasn't done. Nor did I have any bruising in those areas. Stay away from this dr. Stay away. I could say more because there is more to say but enough said.
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Please, tell us more
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I'm not sure where the comments Zi have made the last few months are stored on this website but if you can find them under lower body lift or thigh lifts then you can read all that I have had to say about this dr. even commented about what I had said the last few times because I finally got so upset because whenever I would see him at our after appointments he never ever listened to my concerns. He would say oh you look so great you have the best results but would never address the concerns about my swollen, hot stomach. He would say you are healed then when I would say how can I be healed if I am swelling and hot? He would look and feel and say well you dont have a hematoma. I knew that but he had no solutions nor did he explore what was wrong in any way other than looking. That's all he would say. Anyway see if you can find my comments regarding my surgery I talk about it all. This surgery has been the worst decision I made and I made it because I was not completely informed about what could happen with mobility, flexibility etc. I'd had surgeries before with no problems with scaring or healing but this experience has been a nightmare.
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mml545, why don't you write a review of your surgery and document it with photos? The whole purpose of this site to allow people to get the true reviews and photos, not the ones we all find on the surgeons websites with the most perfect outcomes but the real stories so we can make informed decisions. I feel this is a way of paying it forward for those who come after us...
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I have documented but no pictures. Not gonna put body pics on the internet they never go away. I documented during my recovery period. I had surgery done in February 2013 and my story is probably under LBL or thigh lift.
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