Unhappy with Small Implants and Want Larger Implants ASAP

I have recently had breast augmentation five weeks...

I have recently had breast augmentation five weeks ago. I went from a b cup to a c cup with 250cc in the left breast and 275 cc in the right breast. It is a gel implant and is under the muscle. They look great besides the size.

I am extremely disappointed in how small they are and felt it was a little misleading when trying them on over your breast. I have a wide chest wall and still a large space between my breasts even with the implants.

I did this procedure to increase my self confidence and look more balanced with my body type. I had a healthy recovery and no complications.

I am so disappointed I'm ready to go back in and have larger ones (325 cc) put in as soon as possible. However, I am worried that after I have children they may change and I will need a third procedure. Therefore, I don't know if I should wait and be unhappy or risk it and do the second procedure asap while I'm young and healthy. (25 years old, 135 lbs, 5'6)
Once you have implants you will need surgery in the future. There are many reasons to need another surgery, Capsular contracture, changes after delivery and breast feeding, displaced implants, late infection. You should have discussed all this with your BOARD CERTIFIED PS
If you consider that the estimated lifespan of breast implants is 10 years, ask yourself whether it's better to get the surgery now and again in 10 years, or wait until 10 years after your original surgery. (This doesn't mean the surgery is mandated, but it does mean your implants should be subject to closer scrutiny.)
have you gotten any further advice on this because I am in the same boat!!??
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