Age 45, 3 Kids, Liposuction Left Me with Bumps but It's Still Worth It

PROS - feel better about myself, get rid of my...

PROS - feel better about myself, get rid of my constricting fat,clothes fit better.

CONS- it's surgery every surgery has cons.. Cost,complications,-after: numer 1 for me is wearing the garment it's very uncomfortable,feeling (no real pain just unfomfortable. numb, bruising, freaking out thinking what are these lumps? freaking out thinking are they going to go away? is my skin going to look good again? am i healing right?

I did it for myself, I am 45 yrs 3 kids,take good care of myself, eat right, excersize, not getting any younger.I deserve it.married for 21 years at the same time i also had breast augmentation. and am very happy with that. no problems. that was a breeze compared to the Lipo.

My question is im 2 weeks postop and have been trying to get a straight answer.. About the lumps. hard marble sized lumps .one is long like a small finger.. what are they? how did they occur(is it a poor job)? will they go away?


so was your doctor jose luis salas MARTINEZ or jose luis VALERO salas ? lol sorry i read through the comments and i'm still confused about it
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clinicadecirugiacosmetica IN TIJUANA MARTINEZ
clinicadecirugiacosmetica. Dr. Jose Luis Salas Martinez

4.5 year update

nipples are not even bad lift job.. very firm implants. lipo spots lumpy and scared wish I did not do lipo with Dr salas .. wish I did not do a lift ! in fact if your trying to same money its not worth it to go to mexico period !
i would do the precedures again just not in mexico ! Im happy with me and I still wear my string bikinis and wear them proudly i am about to turn 50 :) and I work hard at keeping myself in shape and maintain my shape :) I have NO complaints from my boyfriend !


U sound like my size exactly. Was it your abdominal are that u had lipo on? Is that the area that is still lumpy? I had abdominal lipo nine weeks ago and it is hard and lumpy but was hoping it would go away. Yours did not?
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lower belly area around belly button . a little on the sides and yes lumpy not smooth and can see the underlying scars , after 4 and a half years nope has not gone away..scars dont .. I would NOT do lipo if I hat it to do over again . eat right and do cardio exercises . its not easy but there is no magic fix !
I have done the lymphatic messages, self message, hot compresses, swim 45 minutes each day, and CG 24/7. I have tried eating well. I see several people do revisions but I do not think I will do so. I will just have to live with the end results since my waist looks way better with clothes on but my jeans still fit just the same minus the muffin top. Thanks for your honest report on your experience.
Dr Jose Salas

Crappy ! would never recomend Dr salas to anyone !!! terrible lipo work, scared and lumpy , implants are very very firm, and uneven nipple placement on lift !!

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