Liposuction on Abs and Flanks Not As Painful As I Thought

I had lipo of the abs and flanks done on the 3rd...

I had lipo of the abs and flanks done on the 3rd of july. I am now 8 days post op. It was not as bad a I thought, I had general anesthesia so I guess that made it more comfortable. The compression garment is the worst part of the experience feels like I am suffocating at times, I had to ask for another garment at my 2 day post op appt, can anyone tell me if they had a feeling of water moving inside the stomach at times, my stomach feels like a water bed to the touch.

I just had liposculpture done on wednesday august 5th and so far not alot of pain mine was done manually no laser no machine ,nothing. I cant really tell if it work or not cause I'm still very swollen ,I had my whole stomach,my thights,my whole back and under my butt,hoping for the best cause I wont do it again
I am SO relieved to see that the pain isn't that bad! I'm having lipo of the abdomen & flanks done on September 2nd so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for everything. I've never been so excited and nervous at the same time! :)
Well i am just 11 hours post procedure and my stomach feels like a water bed, I thought the compression garment had cushion in it at first until i started to feel my stomach and found out I was the cushion..
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