Lipo on Love Handles

I had liposuction on my love handles. The...

I had liposuction on my love handles. The procedure went well, I'm not in too much pain, just bruising and swelling. I feel I wasn't given very much information about my recovery process and am looking for some answers.

I got liposuction on my love handles about 5 days ago. When I went in for my initial consultation my doctor had mentioned that part of my recovery would involve wearing a compression garment for a few weeks after surgery. Well, after the procedure I wasn't provided with anything. Before I was sent home I asked the nurse about this and she didn't seem to know anything about a compression garment and said they didn't have any available, which I found odd. She said I could probably just wear a pair of high waisted biker shorts and that would work just fine. I'm wondering if this is a suitable option for a compression garment? Will this help reduce swelling and encourage the healing process so my results and new shape take place?
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I agree with Laybay. At least get some high-waisted Spanx immediately and order an appropriate garment. That's crazy! I got mine from Marena but switched to heavy Spanx after a week per my drs advice.
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I am shocked that your doctor did not tell you you MUST wear the compression garment after surgey for at least 6 weeks, the garment is to reshape you and prevent loose skin. The doctors do not provide the garment, you have to purchase them from a medical supply store, they are expensic=ve range from $125 and up. Biker shorts will NOT do it, I high advise you to get the garment that is suggested for your area.
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