Significant Pain/sensitivity After Lipo to Flanks

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago today. My stomach...

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago today. My stomach is exactly what I expected - flat but with a serious scar. Also, had lipo on hips and flanks that appear to be waste of money. My hips haven't changed an inch since surgery and my lovehandles on my back look exactly the same in clothes.

Updated on Oct 4, 2009
I love my tummy tuck but still unsure about the lipo to hips and flanks. At 8 weeks I haven't seen any drop of clothes size and my hips seems to be getting wider!

I had a tummy tuck, lipo on hips, and lipo on flanks 7 weeks ago today. The tummy tuck looks great. The hips and flanks look the same as before. My hips even measure exactly what they did they day before surgery. I've noticed that my stomach, especially around the area of my new belly button, swell up significantly during the day compared to what it looks like when I wake up. Does that sound normal? When can I expect that to subside? Also, the area of my flanks on my lower back are still incredibly painful. They even hurt if someone just touches them to hug me. Does that senstivity sound normal? --- UPDATED October 5, 2009 --- I had a tummy tuck and lipo on hips and flanks 8 weeks ago. At 4 weeks I was thrilled with results. Now at 8 weeks my hips look much larger. How is that possible?
I had lipo on my flanks and abdomen 3 weeks ago . my upper abdomen defo shows improvement but my hips are still big and I have a pooch still ,but my lower back is agony and I was prescribed Norco I used them up my back is so painful and my DR wont prescribe any more meds my kids cant hug me I can vacuum or mop and my sleeping is not good so I am tired all day just hoping the lower back pain goes away soon it is making me miserable
Please tell me that your flanks got better at like 5-6 months. I seem to have the same issues. It has been 9 1/2 weeks and I am ok with my mtt, but the lipo'd areas look the same. They looked better after surgery. I go see the ps in 1 week. He told me at 5 weeks I looked great. I don't see it. And I am STILL in a binder on and off.
I had a tummytuck and lipo to flanks June 28 2012 im still real sore i try wearing my waist garment every day but it has began to hurt on my sides and front part of my tummy i do take it off seems to me the pain is better when off my tummy really look good the flank area is very swollen will take time to heal
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