Lumps and Marks After Lipo

I had liposuction on my stomach and thighs in...

I had liposuction on my stomach and thighs in November 2008, in Tunis. Everything went perfect from beginning to the end. However, some of the (what I thought was) swelling hasn`t disappeared and the stiches are still very noticeable after 7 months. My buttocks are actually slimmer on the sides (thighs), where fat was removed, but there is a lump where my back meets my buttocks. You can really tell it was only "vacuumed" so far, and not further down. It doesnt look natural.

What can I do now, preferably NOT a second lipo, to treat this lumpy area? What can I do about dark stitch marks?


You have a awesome shape! As to the stitch marks if they're not going away by itself then I'm sure there are non surgical procedures or products that can reduce their appearance over time. I think most scar tissues can be treated by a dermatologist.
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Damn u looooooook so dam good how much do u weigh?
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I'm just a guest to this website. i actually have the same concern that you have. I had the "Brazilian butt" lift done on Sept 2,09 and i also have noticed a lump above the butt on my waist line. I'm very nervous and worried also...When i asked my doctor about the lump he said not to worry its only swelling it should go away. Has your disappeared yet?
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Dr. Taher Djemal, El Menzah

The clinic has the most modern conditions and my room was great. Nurses are nice and helpful. The doctor knows what he is doing! He is President of the Tunisine Cirurgical Association.

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