Lipo is the Best for Fat Around Belly and Upper Back

It was a great experience. I wasnt in a lot of...

It was a great experience. I wasnt in a lot of pain at all. In fact I took Tylenol only.I am truly happy with my results.

ps: Where are your pics of your upper back??? (I had my back done as well)
wow, girly! I am PRAYING my results turn out as good as yours! I had my upper/lower abs done last week and could see immediate change, but I am expecting much more. Your 4 wks pic is unbelievably amazing! I'm going to Miami at the end of this year (thus why I rushed to get my lipo 6wks out). But now I'm wondering if I should've just waited and hired YOUR Doc? lol. Your pics give me hope. I will hopefully post my pics/story on here tomorow.
This patient has amazing results. Her doctor is a true talent...

I always had a lot of fat around my belly! I hated...

I always had a lot of fat around my belly! I hated it soo much because I could never wear something without the fat hanging over!I finally decided to go with my Dr. after browsing around. I am too happy with my results and as of today Im only 3 days post op!

I had traditional lipo wit the wet technique done to my entire abdomen and upper back! Listen to me when I say I saw immediate results after surgey and I was still swollen.

The pain was mild after surgey. Although they perscibed pain medication I only need needed Tylenol extra strength and I even went to class the next day.

looking good!!
Thanks I sooo happy the soreness is gone!! Still swollen but not sore!!!
Wow u look awesome!

 I stop wearin that darn garnment a longtime...

 I stop wearin that darn garnment a longtime ago. I just got sick of it! So maybe thats y im still a lil swollen at 2 weeks! All I know is that im happy with my results!

So far soo good! I'm gonna post new pics soon :)
Your body looks great!!!
my doc told me i didnt have to wear the garment anymore. He told me to just massage the areas. Yes i also have been working out!How are things going for you?

I had traditional Lipo done last week. I am amazed...

I had traditional Lipo done last week. I am amazed with the results and I feel that I see my final results but my surgeon keeps telling me that my waist is goig to go in and I wont see the final results for atleast 5-6 months. Is this true because I have always been a ruler shape and thats why i think i see my final results. Is this my final result?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is so down to earth. Easy to talk to. When it comes to surgery though he is very serious. You will love your new look!!

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