Lipo: First Week Was Horrible but Was Worth It!

Pros: -I have an hour glass figure ;) -flat...

-I have an hour glass figure ;)
-flat stomach
-no love handles
-size 27 waist
-can wear skinny jeans and pull it off
-comfortable to wear a two piece bikini
-i look great in pictures
-i got inspired to eat a heathier diet
-husband loves it
-i also got a butt injected with my fat which makes my butt look
-everyone compliments me
i feel much more confident and happy with my new look.

-it's pricey $$$$
-the recovery is painful the first week. The first few days were the worst. I felt dizzy and dehydrated. When I would stand up I felt like passing out. I called my Dr after a few days of the surgery and he told me to drink lots of water and gatorade or vitamin water. He also told me to take IRON and I did and I felt much better. He also told me to take advil every 6 hours for the pain because the pain is unbearable.
-you have to take time off of work. i took ten days off because i really didnt feel okay to work yet
-you need assistance from someone to help you get up and use the restroom and shower
-the compression garment must be worn for at least 6 weeks, its tight and it hurts
-bruising and swelling
-sharp spontaneous pains
-you can't do regular exercise until atleast after a month
-your very fragile the first month

i am 28 years old, weighed 130, 5ft tall wore a size 8. I had liposuction on my abdomen, lower and upper back, arms,outter tighs, and had my fat injected into my butt I am now a size 2, 125 lbs.

i am not going to lie, the pain the first week was unbearable and during that time i regreted my decision of having the liposuction. i consider myself to be a mentally strong and physically strong person but i have to admit that the pain was unbearable and very painful the first week. You really have to have tough, think positive, and take it one day at a time. Despite the harsh recovery, I am glad that I did it and very satisfied with my results. So far I am in one month after the surgery but from what I see so far, I am loving it and so does my husband.

I am glad you had a success, with dr yanez as I did not. I had surgery in late April with him, and ended up with a huge seroma and tons of necrotic tissue. Two surgeries, a wound vac, a month off of work and twice weekly appointments to wound clinic and I still have a wound that has not healed. I am also still in pain, and will have to undergo a third post Dr Yanez surgery in the fall. My insurance in the US is attempting to charge me, and when I tried to get follow up care he told me to put neosporin on it and contact pcp for antibiotics. This doctor is awful at after care, and once he has your money he no longer cares. A butcher in my opinion and I truly hope no one else deals with what I went through.
hey do you have any before and afters? Im considering lipo
The information I read abou tthis doctor would not detour me from going to him. He was arrested for not having a license to practice medicine in California. This does not mean he was not good at what he does. The infractions quoted were only to the effect that he saw patients prior to surgery and after surgery in Downey, California. The surgeries were conducted in Mexico. Personally, I have no problem with this.... it is the doctors whose patients report health problems after surgery that would concern me. It comes as no surprise to me that the US Medical Board would want to stop Mexican doctors from recruiting patients, because it is loss of income for them, but this does not mean the doctors are unsafe.
Dr. Martin Yanez

Because my doctor was careful, friendly, and shaped my body beautifully with minor incision marks. I highly recommend him.

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