Lipo to Remove Muffin Top Caused by Myomectomy Surgery

Ok so its clear i was jumping the gun on my...

ok so its clear i was jumping the gun on my results. i love the way my stomach is recovering. the main thing that bothered me the most is the overlap that my obgyn surgeon caused with the muffin top (and my stomach is solid with muscle) but needless to say, i hated the muffin top all together. its really smoothing out nicely, and im still swolen. and that dip is gone, thank goodness!!! the only reason i list uncomfortable in my pain experience is because of the girdle. some get used to it, but i hate it. absolutely hate it. i cant wait till its over. but i no i have to wear it to get the best results form my lipo procedure, so i guess i must tolerate it. it will be worth it in the longrun. i will continue to post progress pictures for all. until next time...

Updated September 4, 2009

this is a follow-up question to my liposuction procedure that i had on june 12th, 2009. i dont regret my surgery one bit, but im wondering if the fact that i stopped wearing my girdle early will make a difference in my final result. it was stolen july 17th and i just never bought another one. i understand that the girdle will assist in healing faster, but would it have actually helped me look better in the end? some say yes, others say no. im just searching for the truth. till this day, i still have the clay effect where my pants or panties will crease my stomach in a short period of time, or when i sit down for a period of time. you can see this in my photos below- there is a crease in my stomach from sitting down in my panites for a few hours. i also have knotting in my abdominal muscles, and it will balloon up depending on the activities that i do. i had this surgery to correct a botched surgery i had to remove uterine tumors that caused me to have a "muffin top" (that is why i have a c-section scar). so i would like to know if the girdle ever makes the shape better in the end, or if it just helps one heal faster...

I think you look great!

June 12th, 2009, i did a liposuction procedure...

june 12th, 2009, i did a liposuction procedure because february of 2008, i had a myomectomy performed to removed fibroids, and the way my abdomen was cut (c-section type scar) seemed to have disproportioned my stomach from the way it naturally was. the result was a muffin top, and i was not happy- my stomach ballooned above the scar, and i do not have loose skin.

i tried working it off, but i have natural muscle tone, therefore my muffin top only blew up with muscle. liposuction was my last resort. i wanted to flatten this area.

the day after my lipo surgery, i took my garmet off to shower and saw almost no change, not to mention that right above the scar where i wanted my stomach flattened the most still buldges out but now its very hard and sore. does this mean not enough was taken out?

yes sharon, it does help a lot, thankyou :) i had a follow-up visit on tuesday and was told by the doctor that i am indeed healing very slowly due to my fibroid surgery prior to the lipo since i still had knotting, lumping, and nerve damage from it. i was told to wait until december to take the first "after" picture for my lipo...

Glad to hear you're doing well, even if it takes a little longer to get to that final result. :)


According to Dr. Gallico in this thread (Wearing compression garment after Tumescent Liposuction?), "The compressive garment will make things look better sooner, but the long term end point will be the same."

Hope that helps!


I would like to give the realself community an...

i would like to give the realself community an update- i found out the reason why my liposuction procedure didnt produced the results i desired, and it is not the fault of my cosmetic surgeon. it was recently discovered that i have 5 additional uterine fibroids that need to be removed. they are the reason for my abdomen not becomming flat after my lipo procedure. this really devistated me. im wondering if my stomach will finally go flat after the removal of these fibroids. i will keep all of u updated. thankyou for your support....

does the compression garmet given to assist in the healing of liposuction have any impact on the final result? i hear some say that the longer the garmet is worn, the better the final result, but im also hearing that it only assists in healing faster, and nothing more. which is true? -- Updated on Dec 3, 2009: hello. i am 6 months post op of my abdominal liposuction. my final result is good, except that i now have double lumpage in my abdomen, kind of like two sausage rolls, and i can feel them with my hand as well as anybody who touches my stomach. there is even a prominent crease between them. i had a follow up consultation, and my doctor pretty much said there was nothing more that could be done. he says there is too little fat in my abdominal cavity now, which may be true because it is very tight and u can barely pinch any skin. but when he saw my crease, he actually thought it was a scar, and i had to lean forward to show him that it wasnt. what gives? i dont know what to do :(

how soon after myomectomy did you have your lipo done i had mine 2 months ago and i have the same problem as you
what did you think of Dr. Rae? He is doing my tummytuck and breast implant surgery on 3/24 and i am very nervous. By the way you look great!
hello :) im sorry i missed ur post. i think dr. rae is great :) how did ur surgery turn out??? id love to see pictures...
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