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Well, I have been contemplating this for about 6...

Well, I have been contemplating this for about 6 months. Up until I turned 30 last year, I was 120lbs. I wanted to gain weight. Well, when I gained weight, I gained it in my thighs and worst of all my abdomen! I kinda liked the thick thighs but the stomach was a mess. I found myself at 150lbs with a flabby stomach.

I went on a couple of consultations and I decided on my particular doctor because he was thorough and had the best credentials! The surgery itself wasn't too bad afterwards. I was mobile. Just felt like I worked out extra hard. I drained a little but that was expected. I really didn't need the pain medication! I decided on the traditional liposuction because I did not want to be awake. That thought scared me!

Today is Monday, August 31, 2009! I had the procedure done four days ago on August days ago on the 27th. I went back to work today with no problems. I posted before pics and day four pics! Today was the first day I could take a shower and I went for my follow-up pics!

I'll keep you posted! Good luck!

Thanksfor the post!Im a black girl who was wondering how our skin looks after lipo. I'm getting traditional Lipo done on tuesday. It makes me feel better knowing that at 4 days post op you were up and taking pics. I consider myself a pain tolerating person. Im gettin my entire abdomen done and my upper back as well!Ill post pics! You look great!!
You look great! Please keep posting pictures!!
hi u look good am from Rockville md and was wondering how many areas did u get liposuction.
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Very thorough, board certified and professional! He and his staff were excellent and they cater to you!

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