Calcified Seroma After Liposuction

Four years ago I had a tummy tuck with Lipo. I had...

Four years ago I had a tummy tuck with Lipo. I had a seroma develop just above my navel and below my sternum.

Fluid drained out the area hardened and never went away. Now the area is so painful that I cannot bend forward. I can no longer do sit ups as it feels as though my abdominal tissue is tearing. I have to sit back at an angle to be comfortable.

Today I went to see a surgeon and he told me that NOTHING could be done except anti-inflammatory or have my Primary doctor send me to a pain specialist.

The area now is about the size of a tennis ball and the dr. said my CT scan showed "adhesions & inflammation".

I find it hard to believe that there is Nothing that can be done to fix this area. I dont want or like to take medicine. I refuse to settle for a lifetime of pills. Can anyone out there fix this?

Has anyone every developed a tennis ball size "hardened area after a seroma? If so.... could it be fixed?

I too had lipo, and a tummy tuck, and just like you developed a seroma which hardened. My plastic surgeon totally disregarded as normal. Did nothing to help fix the condition. I since had surgery over the affected area to correct it, it has decreased in size but it is still visible, and painful. It has been 7 yrs since my original surgery and I still have the tennis size lump right above my navel. The second plastic surgeon I went to was great, he did the surgery and cortisone treatment at no cost to me. I wish it would have clear the condition completely but it hasn't. If anyone knows how to correct this please email me. I am a police officer and it is painful to wear a gun belt since the aero a is right over the belt. Please help, any doctors who feel they can help please post or email me. Thank You in advance.
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She was caring prior to the surgery. Once there was complications she wasnt interested and left me in waiting room sometimes for hours. Very unprofessional. She is now practicing somewhere in florida.

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