Lipoma Removal from Right Side - Terrible Experience During the Surgery I Felt All the Pain

My lipoma was removed in the hospital by a surgeon...

My lipoma was removed in the hospital by a surgeon I was in terrible pain during the procedure the whole procedure took about 30 minutes from start to finish I was crying format he pain that I was not able to endure after few shots of local anesthetic the doctor proceed to count into my skin and I felt the scalpel I felt my skin been cut I started to sceem in agony my surgeon told me « that is unacceptable you can cry but don’t scream » his exact words then he proceeds to give me more local anesthetic after that it became more tolerable but I was still I initial shock of the pain and cried for entire procedure.

I am so upset when the surgery was finished I had about 12 stitches across from my right breast (2 inches away from my breast area across the rib until the back ) a very large insition scar I must go back to the same doctor to have the stitches removed in 2 weeks. After the surgery I was still howling in pain and crying a lot I asked the doctor to give me something for the pain his answer to me was to take 2 Tylenol or advid I was in schuc h pain I could not stop shaking and crying I had to go to my family doctor for prescription of codeine mixed with atasol to reduce my pain I never expected to be treated like that in the hospital by a surgeon I am till in schok by do we need to suffer and feel so much pain with la the help available right now to the doctor to reduce the patient discomfort I felt like a number not important and I felt like the doctor did not give a crap about my discomfit and pains it was a terrible experience just terrible

It has left me with large insition that was stitched with 12 stitches I will have the stitches removed in 2 weeks it is a large cut from my right side next to right breast across the ribs till the back I am in a lot of pain since the surgery.

I am wonder how soon can I start applying scar removal creams to the scar area of my body and what is the best cream available right now to reduce the scar visibility Ps is it normal to still be in such pain my doctor gave me codeine pills mixed with atasol I have to take them every 4 to 5 hours for the pain but I still feel the pain even after I took the pills what can I do ?


I hope everyone who reads some of the stories here about terrible pain recognize that you cannot ASSUME the physician has any empathy. You most certainly need to discuss with your MD what his/her concept is about amt of pain that is within reason. In medicine we use, for the most part, a visual analog scale from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning no pain or discomfort and 10/10 meaning you need to go to the emergency dept because it is the worst pain imaginable. (Was your surgeon an MD? His whole tx sounds highly unorthodox.) In my practice as a PT I treat people in pain for a good part of every day. While I would prefer NOT to focus on pain, our Medicare demands that we elicit a pain score for the pt both before and after the treatment. When I say, a # between 0-10, many patients will respond "My pain is 20 out of 10". I explain again that 10 is as bad as it can ever be, and they still claim 20 on a scale of 10. I then explain that they drove themselves to the clinic, walked over a curb, opened a door, and sat quietly in the waiting room, then walked another 50 ft to sit with me, and that THAT is NOT even 10/10 pain, and 10 is a high as you may choose. Most still won't give up, so I document their "score" and then devise what the appearance of the level of pain is. My point is, we should all discuss with the MD what level of pain we can tolerate without anesthesia, especially if the pain will continue more than a few seconds. In my opinion, sedation or general anesthesia is needed if the pain is prolonged more than 60 to 120 seconds and is greater than 8/10. If the patient is screaming, that is the surgeon's IMMEDIATE cue to stop what he/she is doing and address better pain mgmt. If you do not hear that THIS is the way your surgery will be handled, do your best to find someone who has a more compassionate style. I hope this helps. If the pain is screaming bad, you may ask IMMEDIATELY for the procedure to stop and go to the ER for pain relief and bandaging, and then seek another surgeon. I definitely would report this physician to the Board of Surgeons. If we do not take responsibility for our own care, we will be abused as honey-bunny was. I hope you are doing MUCH better now!
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I was Screaming I was in Horrible pain even today years after my surgery I still remember and cringe every time how painful it was! even today it gives me sometimes nightmare to remember I still remember the smell of burning flesh I remember crying and screaming and I remember the doctor not being overly carrying about my situation I felt like I was a number to him and he was already thinking of doing the next patient after my procedure , it is sad that it was done in Canada and here by Canadian law we are not able to SUE the doctor for malpractice !!! my surgery was done in a hospital by a very old doctor that probably should have been retired many year ago!!! he was not carrying about his patients at all!!! after the removal of Lipoma he had not even bother to give a pain prescription he actually told me to go home and take 2 Tylenols!!I was crying and my family took me to my family doctor I was still crying from pain and my family doctor was so wonderful he was in shock that I was not given any pain med after I left the OR he prescribe atasol 30 with codeine to help me manage the pain thanks god for my wonderful carrying Family doctor!! even now all the years after my lipoma removal I have nerve damage in my right hand and numbness in 3 of my fingers! and if we were not living in Canada I only wished that I was able to sue the doctor that had preform the surgery image it was done in hospital OR by a old doctor that probably was thinking that all woman should just shut up and say nothing and he( the doctor that operated on me ) did had a GOD complex ! I only hope that one day the tables will be chance and he will get a taste of his own medicine!
ps this is directly from Canadian law In accordance with Section 36(3) of the Regulated Health Professions Act, no report or decision of a proceeding is admissible in a civil proceeding , means that even if I would report the doctor that was so savage and just abusive to me and mistreated me in his OR due to his giant ego and God complex I will not have any legal action to be compensated due to our Canadian law ! imagine how many more people suffer in silence! I am glad I am able to tell my story here to warn some people !
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doctor did not care that i was in terrible pain

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