Lipoma Removed from Upper-back

I had a good sized lipoma removed from my back. I...

I had a good sized lipoma removed from my back. I had for over 5 years thinking little about it, but it started to bother me.

I was referred by my doctor to a surgeon. It was done in a hospital as an out-patient surgery. They put me totally under and I remember very little, and had almost no pain, just uncomfortable.

The whole thing was covered be insurance and all I had to pay was a $200 co-pay. The only con is the scar it left.

same thing here, except mine was a little bigger and right below my shoulder blade.I will take the scar over the lump anyday! Yours is very light.

I have been using Mederma regularly since the...

I have been using Mederma regularly since the surgery, but am still not happy with the look of my scar. Anybody have any ideas on what will help lessen the appearance of the scar?

I had mine removed almost 8 month which was in the spot on my lower back. Since then I can't move normally or neither I can bend. My surgeon don't have any idea why I am still having pain. I hire Neurosurgeon outside hospital and.he ordered MRI and report says that there is a metallic art effect. I went back to my surgeon and neurosurgeon same hospital and they don't think so that's the cause of pain. They both agree that there is peace of metal left but neurosurgeon think the surgeon use metal clip and intentionally left over. He need to see the OP report. Anybody can help me. I have to slide from my bed every morning can't get up normally, can't bend and I have to drive using couple of pillows of my back. I would really appropriate it.
Had one in same area. No there is nothing that will get rid of scar except lots of time. MEDERMA does not work. Its a waste in my opinion. It will fade a lil over time but will never go away. Its too deep of a cut.
Dr. J. Rayudu M.D.

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