Lipodissolve on Jawline

I had lipo dissolve on my jaw line 6 weeks ago. it...

i had lipo dissolve on my jaw line 6 weeks ago. it was pain free but i was very shocked at how much i was swollen after it. be prepared you will be very swollen for about a cost me 200 euro and i had no discount and it hurts me when i open my mouth to eat.


Thank you for your input, I guess I should look into this other procedure - my friend wants to come with me. Her neck is a lot worse than mine too. I can wait until I am certain about the procedure.
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Hi. Just wanting to know whether you had the neck lipo done. I have just had it done in Melbourne and would be interested to compare notes!
Actually the down toime is much much hight, because people are still having serious issues 6 months after the fact. Issues like pain and looking like they are 6 months pregnant. Don't base this decision on cost, your body is more important than that. I am a chiropractor and a martial artist, I had power assisted lipo on a Wed., I went to the office and worked on a few patients on Saturday, the next Tues, I went to martial arts and did some upper body work, like blocking. So in just a few days even though I was real sore, I was able to have some activity and function at my job that requires me to exert myself. Now if I had the opportunity, I would have liked to take an extra day or 2 off work, but that does not work in self employment. Honestly, go to some consultations for liposuction, talk to some docs, I think you will be much much happier with liposuction.
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