Waiting to See Results from LipoDissolve in Stomach

I have had my lower abs injected every two weeks,...

I have had my lower abs injected every two weeks, about to have my fourth and finalround. I wanted to loose the baby pudge, muffin top, or whatever you want to call it.

Itchy for 20 minutes but thanks to hydrocortizone cream, it goes away. Lots of swelling and bruising, a few nodules but nothing that does not heal. Prescription numbing lotion a must!

How long does the phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate continue to work? How long until you can really see a difference?


Hey, Tennessee lady, got any new pics? I am curious to see how visible your "visible results" might be. I am currently getting LD on my waistline, so far so good after 1. I think the waiting between treatments is the hardest part, but I know this is something you don't want to rush.
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It's a scam! I see no difference. For what you paid, you might as well get traditional or smart lipo!
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Typically you do not notice results until after 4 treatments...I recommend either do 9 to 10 treatments on belly fat (it will noticeable reduce your stomach but not give you rockhard abs like on TV, come on!) or do 4 to 5 treatments along with Accent XL 3 to 4 times..you and others will notice a difference. I am a patient whose lipodissolve worked out great and I paid a little over $100 per treatment. It is not a scam.
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