Desperate for Remedy to Cellulite - New York, NY

I've had mesotherapy, velasmooth and...

I've had mesotherapy, velasmooth and endermology treatments for my cellilute and none of these procedures worked for me.

What is the best remedy to reducing the look of cellulilte on my thighs and buttocks? Why is it so difficult to find a solution to this wide spread problem for many women?

Are there any procedures out there that really work for cellulite?

I have bad cellulite only thing that reduces it is infrared body wraps, after my 5 wrap I saw a major difference in cellulite reduction but I didn't keep up the wraps, I thought my cellulite was gonna and a couple months it was back.. Blah!!!
What about plastic surgery to pull up loose skin???? When skin is tight ..cellulite goes away....
No cure? I bet if it affected men there'd be a cure soon. C'mon you can invent a drug to give a guy a perpetual woody but can't figure out how to get the fat unclumped? just sayin'
American Laser

They are horrible. I had velasmooth there and they were trying to reassure me that my condition was changing and I knew it wasn't. I had 21 procedures done but no change in my condition. I went to a private doctor and had 3 sessions of mesotherapy after the third sessions, I couldn't take over a 500 needles in my legs and buttocks. I had also endermology and had 13 sessions but to no avail. So at this point you would think I would give up.

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