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I've had mesotherapy, velasmooth and...

I've had mesotherapy, velasmooth and endermology treatments for my cellilute and none of these procedures worked for me.

What is the best remedy to reducing the look of cellulilte on my thighs and buttocks? Why is it so difficult to find a solution to this wide spread problem for many women?

Are there any procedures out there that really work for cellulite?

American Laser

They are horrible. I had velasmooth there and they were trying to reassure me that my condition was changing and I knew it wasn't. I had 21 procedures done but no change in my condition. I went to a private doctor and had 3 sessions of mesotherapy after the third sessions, I couldn't take over a 500 needles in my legs and buttocks. I had also endermology and had 13 sessions but to no avail. So at this point you would think I would give up.

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I have bad cellulite only thing that reduces it is infrared body wraps, after my 5 wrap I saw a major difference in cellulite reduction but I didn't keep up the wraps, I thought my cellulite was gonna and a couple months it was back.. Blah!!!
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What about plastic surgery to pull up loose skin???? When skin is tight ..cellulite goes away....
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No cure? I bet if it affected men there'd be a cure soon. C'mon you can invent a drug to give a guy a perpetual woody but can't figure out how to get the fat unclumped? just sayin'
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I spent 4 k on vellashape massive treatments and NOTHING. Getting cellulaze very soon can't wait been doing my homework it really work ladies
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did you get cellulose? and how did you like it? did you lose more weight and did it stay good!? thanks! sweet
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Simply stated: there is NO CURE for cellulite. Period. And believe me, cosmetic specialists would LOVE to find a "cure," it would be a ticket to making millions!

Cellulite is a product of estrogen, and genetics is a big contributing factor. 80% of all women have it. Exercise, diet and massage therapy can help, and certain lasers/radio frequency devices have helped to show improvement.

But there are no guarantees. Any good, ethical provider will explain it all to you without making promises.
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Dr. Castillo thank you for your honesty.
When you say estrogen, is it too much or not enough estrogen that contributes to cellulite?
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GR7777 ~ Too much estrogen is generally the thinking...or any estrogen imbalance. But honestly, one of the things estrogen does is cause the fat cells to cling really, estrogen in general.

Smoking and excess sun exposure will aggravate cellulite, since those things will cause your skin to be thinner and less elastic. Obesity causes the dimples to look deeper and bigger since it magnifies the size of fat pockets.

As I said before, exercise, diet, and massage therapy can help improve the appearance, as can certain lasers/radio frequency devices.

Good luck!
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If cellulite is caused by estrogen then does depo provera help get rid of cellulite by depleting the body of estrogen?
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Cellulite is not a question of diet or exercise. It's mostly genetic and has to do with poor circulation in the sub dermis of the legs, buttocks and tummy. Things that improve micro-circulation eliminate the appearance of cellulite. The rest is BS
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Pampano, any suggestions on how to improve micro-circulation?

I don’t smoke, I drink 1 glass of red wine a day, I exercise at least 4x a week, and I drink a lot of water.
My weight is normal but I have cellulite and saggy skin. I’m with you on "the rest is BS"
because I have tried most of it.
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My friend who turned me on to Lipo Now for cellulite treatments that really worked had saggy skin under her arms and on her lower belly from having 5 kids and also some under her chin. We actually went together for a few treatments and whatever this lady named Carol uses really tightened up my friends skin. She said she learned from some German guy in Austria. Lastly, the stuff she injected in us is supposedly an amino acid that holds our cells together. Very cool. kb
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Where ever you go in Italy you will have plenty of services targeted to cellulite. Especially in north of italy cellulite is considered a national security threat and there are loads of specialised clinics. In Milan, the epicentre of fashion, you will reach the climax.
I am from Florence, so my base is in tuscany.
I use mesotherapy Dr. Brambilla in Viareggio, Studi Vecchia Viareggio. This is a small clinic but he uses a very effective cocktail.
They also have the cavitational ultrasound machine that works wonders by busting the fat cells.
I am sure you will find good clinics every where.
Good luck.
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Dear MartineLuth:
I'm going to Italy in 3 months.
Could you tell me where in Italy and who you saw?
thanks if you!
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I have fought cellulite. 20 years. As a working mum, 8 hours at the office sitting in meetings and two hours commute a day.
I have had an excellent course of mesotherapy in Italy, a strong cocktail of substances there. Results lasted a couple of years. Now there is a machine based on cavitational ultrasound and seems to be fab.
But you are right, if all the money we have spent into cellulite treatments worldwide was pulled together.... We could probably rescue an entire african nation.

However, i suggest that we DEMAND that these beauty centers give guarantee on results or... Refund....
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hahahaha I'm there with you!
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There is no cure for cellulite. It's as simple as that. But the appearance CAN be improved. Adjust your expectations. It take commitment, and as some have noted, genetics can work against you. But don't give up hope! There are many of us out here working on the most effective protocols!
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I agree, I defintely think they take advantage of our hopefulness of being one of the lucky ones that it actually works for, but why come up with a cure when they can make billions with temporary, outrageously priced 'treatments'. Apparently cloning human beings is much simpler.

We Should get our money back if dissasified, bet that would get all the ineffectual treatments off the market real fast!
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Well let me tell you. I guess the Cellulite results depends on the person. I have been in the Army for 10 years, and have been very active physically, and was NEVER able to get rid of the cellulite. I did Cardio a total of 3hrs daily for 6 days .. and was even on a diet (no soda, no fats, low salt, lots of water, fruits & veggies), and all I did was lose weight and tone very nicely, achieving great results .. however .. I still had cellulite! I was so frustrated that I continued my routine only until I realized I got too skinny (108 lbs & 5'6"). And believe it or not, the nasty dimples where there right around my buttock and thigh areas. I guess my case is more genetics. My mom has both cellulite and varicose .. and so do I. So I guess it is something I need to learn to accept and live with.
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I don't know about other men, but I do like a woman who has some imperfections. It's actually a turn-on, in and of itself. I am a pretty darn good looking guy, even if I do say so myself, but I have my imperfections as well, that's what makes me different than any other guy you'll meet. I can't stand Hollywood's vision of what women should look like. I've date more than my share of beautiful women, and I gotta say, for the most part, they're almost all neurotic. Looking back at what was considered a beautiful women, hundreds of years ago, before Madison Avenue managed to manipulate everyone's ideal of beauty, and those are the women I find appealing, cellulite and all. Stay real all you beautiful women!!! (Especially on the inside)
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Yes I agree, when I was at my most fittest and slimmest (sickly thin my mother said), my cellulite appearance diminished but never disappeared. Its where my body stores its fat reserves should I go on a fad diet I suppose. Some women store fat in their breasts, stomachs and some of us in the bottom.
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The only way to get rid of cellulite is to do cardio 3x a week, strenght training and a low fat diet plus 1 gallon of water a day. Stick to it and the cellulite will go way! Good luck!
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Caboxy therapy works wonders. my cellulite disappeared in 2-3 sessions. But the result must be maintain with a combination of good cadio/strenght training and healthy diet. I also really like Vera Shape, but nothing beats Caboxy cellulite.
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