Lop Sided Wonky Lip - Scar Tissue and Lump

I originally had a small lump in my lip which was...

I originally had a small lump in my lip which was hardly noticeable but was annoying as would swell up in the cold. I went to my local hospital to have it checked out. They said they could remove the lump surgically.

In the first operation they did not get the lump so I had to have a second operation and they still did not get the lump. I now am left with a lop sided lip which hangs on one side and still has the small original lump as well as scar tissue above the lump from the operation. The operation has made my lip look a lot worse than it did in the first place and I am very unhappy and not sure what is the best thing to do now.

I was very unhappy with the results. I wish I had left my lip alone in the first place. Not sure what is the best thing to do now and am in need of some advise.

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I would love it if someone could give me some...

I would love it if someone could give me some advise as what is the best thing to do now in the way of surgery or otherwise. Many thanks


I first noticed small lumps in my lower back when I was about 30 yrs old. I had mild pain that was only gtrgavaaed by shoveling snow or any activity that put excessive workload on my lower back musculature.I tried massage, which was painful & only gtrgavaaed the problem. I also tried physical therapy where we focused on strengthening my abdominals, pelvic floor, & spinal muscles. I had limited success with therapy.I visited a local cosmetic surgeon who was willing to remove the lipomas , but would only remove the ones that were larger & higher on my back. He did not feel it was necessary to remove the smaller ones that are located near my sacrum & the most painful.I choose not to do surgery with that surgeon, due to my belief that he did not truely understand the nature of my pain. I also felt that he may not feel confident about doing surgery at a site where nerve involvement was likely.Currently, I am still continuing with strengthening exercises & still searching for a surgeon that understands this issue. Celeste

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my lip is wonky have i had a stroke its a 90 degree lip angle
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You know recently I have been trying to figure out all the bumps in my mouth. Of course my thoughts go to the worst so I must ask? Did they test the lump? I have the same thing across my bottom lip it seems to be two separate ones, one on each side and they take turns swelling up especially in the cold then go down. I have a lot of scar tissue in my mouth, I assume from braces and clenching my teeth at night and my cheek will get stuck in there. But I am frustrated because every trip I take to he dentist, orthodontist and even my doctor. No one puts forth any effort to give me an answer or even care. All I get is an 'oh it's probably nothing.'Well,that doesn't help.
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Because they have messed up my lip and I only hope I can now get it fixed

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